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Subject: Re: [HUNT-L] Re: Jonathan Hunt
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 23:44:14 -0500

Marilyn- Most interesting comments by the woman who discovered that
will and wrote about it in 1929..Her study of Col. Jonathan was not
deep enough to bring out the details but more of a fictional
It is all covered on pages 25 and 26 of the Col . Jonathan MS by
Mitchell Hunt who researched it as late as 1996.
Mitchell says, "there is no evidence that Col. Jonathan
participated as a soldier during the Rev. War. By testimony of his
son Daniel (who did serve in the War) most of the property except the
house on Jonathan's farm was destroyed by the army of Cornwallis when
it passed through that area on 6 Feb 1781, and Jonathan was taken
prisoner but was soon released because he was old and infirm and
Cornwallis didn't want to have his march burdened with an old
prisoner. Son Daniel obtained release from his army service to look
after his aged father who was near the end of his long career and
died at his farm on Cedar Creek 5 Sept 1782, "in the 67th year of his
age" per his gravestone in the Eaton Baptist Church Cemetery at Cana
which was still standing and legible in 1951 and more recently
checked in 1984. "

In anticipation of this death, on June 18 1782 he wrote his will as
you have outlined it in your message. Without going into detail--he
had two wives before Margaret. He had 19 children and many
grandchildren. It is all layed out very nicely in the Col. Jonathan

His lineage goes back to Ralph of Long Island as you said. The entire
family is outlined on the WEBSITE. I can provide you with whatever
you need.

Sandy in Lubbock

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