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From: Wm Hunt <>
Subject: [HUNT-L] Halifax Co. VA Marriage Bonds, etc.
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:19:24 -0500

Fleetwood, I made a quick review of Hunt marriage bonds & other mentions of the name in my main source for Halifax County. I was looking again for the James Hunt names. In a day or two I'll look into Virginians in the Revolutionary War by McAllister for James Hunts & another Memucan.

I remember your computer "consumed" most of your early collection so this will help replace a small portion. Maybe other searchers of Hunts in southern U. S. will find something they can use.

All of these come from Catherine Lindsay Knorr, Marriage Bonds & Ministers' Returns of Halifax County, Virginia 1753-1800, published 1957. All Bonds and/or Minister's Returns for HUNT are exactly as Mrs. Knorr wrote them. I added nothing. I attached a section showing Hunts listed with others in some manner. I re-stated & abridged those to one sentence. The numbers with ( after each entry were the pages in the Court House Books given by Knorr.

Some of the bond information was sent to me in 1981 by "Hunting For Bears Inc." & a many entries with same names & dates appeared in the LDS-IGI beginning 1982. But Knorr's work is the most comprehensive version that I have now.

15 May 1753. Nathaniel Hunt & Elizabeth Wade. Sur. Andrew Wade. Wit. James Foulis and Robert Wade. (1

9 March 1754. Memican Hunt & Mary Wade. Sur. Robert Hunt. Out of place, should be on p 1. (194

1 February 1762. William Robertson & Elizabeth Hunt. Sur. Andrew Wade, Jr. Wit. William Wright. (1

19 December 1781. Gilbert Hunt & Susannah Martin. Sur. John Wimbish. Wit. Henry Goare. (5

15 September 1785. Thomas Hunt & Molly Bruice (Bruce). Sur. Michael Bruce. Married by Rev. Thomas Dobson who says Bruis. Returned 8 December. (7

20 December 1787. James Hunt & Rhoda Nunnally. Sur. Daniel Roberts. Rhoda signs her own consent. (11

11 August 1788. Richard Haley & Millycent Hunt. Sur. Joseph E. Haley. She signs own consent as Millicent. (14

22 December 1789. John Crewes & Ruth Hunt, dau. of Ambrose Hunt who consents. Surety, Larkin Cosley. Wit. Iago Deth and John Johns. Married 24 Dec. by Rev. James Watkins (16

26 January 1789. James Wimbish & Lucy Hunt. Consent of Eli Hunt for Lucy; no relationship stated. (17

2 March 1791. George Vasser & Sally Hunt, dau. of Eli Hunt who consents. Sur. Elijah Hunt (23

22 April 1795. Conque (Conquest) Wyatt & Fanny Hunt. Sur. Wyatt Haley. Wit. John Wyatt. Reuben Hunt consents for Fanny; no relationship stated. (32

28 June 1796. Richard Martin & Mary Hunt. Sur. David Allen. Mary signs her own consent. Sur. William Guill. Married 30 June by Rev. Alexander Hay. (34

25 June 1798. Benjamin Hunt & Susanna Roberts. Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. Ministers' Returns (133

28 January 1799. Benjamin Arrington & Fanny Hunt. Married by Rev. Hawkins Landrum. Ministers' Return (p. 143.

6 December 1800. George Hunt & Polley Adams, dau. (?) of Thomas Powell who consents. Sur. Philip Adams. Wit. George Collins. Was Thomas Powell Polley's step-father? Married 11 Dec. by Rev. Reuben Pickett. (43

23 December 1781. Nathaniel Hunt signed certificate for bond of John Watlington & Elizabeth Allen. Surety was David Allen. (5

14 December 1785. Mary Hunt witnessed the bond of Richard Buck and Kindness Breedlove. (11

20 January 1793. William H. Hunt was Surety for bond of James Bates & Levina F. Nance. (28

9 June 1794. Benjamin Hunt was Surety for bond of Richard Coates and Polley Coates. (29

20 June 1797. James Hunt witnessed bond of Moza Adams and Polley George, dau. of Johnadab George. (1

17 December 1800. William H. Hunt was Surety for bond of John Rudder & Susannah Richardson. (45

Regards, Bill Hunt

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