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From: Dolly Ziegler <>
Subject: HURLEY books at Family History Library (lengthy post)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 20:37:16 -0500 (EST)

Hello to the list. I have debated whether to post this information, but
there seem to be enough newcomers to the list that some people may find it
worthwhile. All you experienced researchers who are familiar with the FHLC
can skip it. 8>)

The Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) ver. 2.03, lists 34 books for a
search for the HURLEY surname. (This is 34 books in which the HURLEY name
figured prominently enough that the cataloger included it when he
cataloged the book -- certainly NOT every book in the library that has the
HURLEY name in its index.)

On the list, I see frequent references to three books by William Neal

_The ancestry of William Neal Hurley III..._, 1985. "Daniell
Hurley immigrated from England to Virginia between 1654 and 1666 (as a
bondsman), and settled in Talbot County, Maryland in 1676. Daniel
Hurley (1701-1793) was his son." Includes Pratt, Hines, Neikirk,
Lowder, DeBord and Patrick families.

_Hurley and related families..._, 1992. Daniel Hurley c. 1658-1706,
immigrant to Maryland.

_Hurley families in America_, 1995. (2 vols.) "v. 1. Descendants of
Daniel Hurley c. 1658-1706. The Irish immigrant: Principally of
Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina & Virginia -- v.2. Descendants of
Cornelius Hurley c. 1795. Amos Hurley c. 1755. Nehemiah Hurley c.
1755/74. Moses Hurley c. 1750: Principally of North Carolina,
Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia & Virginia." Includes
Wolford, Griffith, Blankenship, Sansom and Frye families.

(All three of these books are on the shelf at the FHLC in Salt Lake City;
apparently none has been microfilmed by the FHL. A search by your local
public library might locate a library that will do interlibrary loan --
the FHL does not do ILL. Does anyone know if William Neal HURLEY still has
copies for sale? There may be some potential customers on this list.)

Now, a very brief listing of the other 31 books referenced. Most of these
I just wrote down the person the book is about, not title or author
which can be located easily in the microfiche or CD version of the FHL
Catalog, at every Family History Center and a number of larger private
libraries, but the FHLC is not on the Internet.

Michael HURLEY (1811-1894) Ireland>Maryland
Thomas HURLEY abt 1837 Ireland>Kansas
David Thomas HURLEY (1852-1938) TN>TX
Jeremiah HURLEY 1797-1872 Ireland>Iowa
"We were a Texas people," supplements -- Hurley family in Missouri,
Georgia, Louisiana & Texas in the 1800s
William Bowen HURLEY (1838-1914) MO>TX
HOUGHAM-HURLEY genealogical record (manuscript -- catalog entry gives no
details on place or persons, but is in British book area)
"A testimonial, Hurley family" by Marion Charlotte Hurley Pratt, 1
Catherine HURLEY & Elisha STOCKWELL, m. 1864 in Wisc.

... the other 20 or so catalog references are to books which "include" the
HURLEY family -- look at the catalog description to see what the other
principal families are, the location and time period.

Friends -- I do not own any of these books, so please don't ask for
lookups. This post is to give you an overview of what is available on
HURLEY families through your FHC. Some of these items will be available on
microfilm or microfiche; check the individual entries.

And if anyone has information to share on my Ann "Nancy" HURLEY, I'd be
grateful. Ann "Nancy" HURLEY was b. 30 Aug. 1764 in NC. She married, 15
Oct 1782 in Caswell Co. NC, Robert MORROW Sr., a Rev. soldier. Ann died
1838 or later, possibly in Morgan Co. GA. (Robert MORROW Sr. died 1810,
Morgan Co. GA.) In 1794 Robert MORROW was on Kettle Creek, Wilkes Co. GA,
as were David, Henry, James and William HURLEY -- so they *may* have been
Ann's brothers.

I have been told, but have no documentation for this, that Ann's parents
were John HURLEY, will proved 14 March 1802, Wilkes Co. GA; and wife
Elizabeth. I welcome any additions *or corrections* to this data.

Dolly in Maryland

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