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From: "Patrick Chefalo" <>
Subject: Re: [HUSTED] Revolutionary War Records
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 13:54:16 -0500
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Thanks for your research. I agree that there must be two Davids in those
military records.

At the same Fort Klock link, I later found these records:

Name and Rank, Regiment and Company
Hewstead, James, corporal Crane
Hewsted, James, corporal Crane Sconeld
Hewsted, Thadeus, private Crane Chapman
Hughsted, Thos., corporal Thomas Moseman

The only Thaddeus I have in period is the Husted born 1758 to the Peter born
after 1712. However to my knowledge this line stayed in CT during the
Revolutionary War era. The soldier is probably the one found in 1800 in the
enumeration district of North Salem and York, Westchester County, NY, count
3-0-3-0-1|1-1-1-1-0 but darned if I know where he was in 1790, or who his
father is. He might be the one in Clinton in 1810. It also might be that he
is James' brother though since they served in the same regiment.

Then we have this re the Davids, an account of a 1934 tea:

"Mrs. Poor seems to have a historic connection to that church. Saint Paul's,
in Eastchester or Mt. Vernon, the town it now seems to be identified with,
is famous as the birthplace of freedom of the press. (Get out your history
books and look up Peter Zenger!) Mrs. Poor's father, Edward Van Zandt Lane,
was, apparently, a member of The Sons of the American Revolution. His
soldier ancestor was David Hustice. David was a pew holder in Saint Paul's
Episcopal Church."


This David apparently is the one from Eastchester, Westchester County,
mentioned in my last note so it seems unlikely (if the Sons of the American
Revolution were the LEAST bit careful) that this is the one whose title was
forfeited. I haven't found any records of other Davids in Westchester in
period unfortunately.

The Robert I have tentatively identified as the one in Stephen Town, Albany
County, in 1790, was born about 1760. His 1790 count of 1-1-2-0-0 is
believable as his eldest son was born circa 1786. His father was the David
found later in Herkimer County, and is the putative captain from Albany
County. Robert is also found in Herkimer County in 1810, but 1800, who

Perhaps the group can help us sort through the Revolutionary War soldiers,
Loyalist and Patriot, in the family? I know for instance that Jabez Husted,
son of Moses and Susannah Mead was a Loyalist ... seems like there could
have been others.


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Hi Pat and all

I have looked at the Rev. War Pension file for David Husted of Onieda Co.
He states that he was a Sergeant in Captains Hubbs' and McGee's company,
1777. Van Rensselaer's regiment. He also served unter Captain Icabod
Turner. He was commissioned Lieutenant 1778 under Caotain Schermerhorn, Van

renssaelaer's Regiment.

So, obviously he is not all of the David's on the original list you posted!

Yet another mystery to unravel.

Clearly the David Hustis who "Miss Mary A. Hustis" claimed DAR membership
with is not correct either since he was died in 1758. John Haldane Flagler
also joined the Sons of the American Revolution using this lineage.

I do not know who the Robert Hustis is that you find in Stephen Town, Albany

Co. in 1790. Stephen Town became Stephentown which is in Columbia Co., just

north of Dutchess Co. The Robert who is the son of Joseph, grandson of
David, is, I believe, in Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NY in 1790 as his
father. This part of Dutchess Co. became Putnam Co. in 1812.

And I have no idea who "David Heustice" is, who forfieted his estate.
Sounds like one of Westchester Co. group since that area had many more
loyalists during the revolution.

It would be nice to sort all the Revolutionary War Husted/Hustis' wouldn't


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