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Subject: Re: [HUDDLESTON] Scotland, Ireland, England Huddlestons
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 14:12:21 -0800 (PST)
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Stuart Cresswell <> wrote: The message
from Ababell1940 contains these words:

> I would like to hear from any male Huddleston lines that live in
> Ireland, Scotland, England. Email me at

Anna (and the list)

Have a look at and scroll down a screen (maybe two)
and you will find information on a HUDDLESTON family that lived in
England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, France, New Zealand and now USA and

This family was formerly CROFT and changed its name in 1819 under the
contitions of the will of George HUDDLESTON of Croydon who had been
partner to the granfather and father of the beneficiary George CROFT -
his godson.

Though not anciently HUDDLESTON one of the daughters married Francis
Josiah HUDLESTON (yes one "D") a cadet of the Hutton John family which
now has New Zealand descendants.

whose mother was the last of the British end of this family, born a
Indeed of the HUDDLESTON descendants of George CROFT only the Canadian
line still has male descendants.

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Would you have any information on Sybill Crofte who married Richard Huddleston? House of Commons Journal Volume 1 18 March 1581 Privilege-Order respecting Halle's Imprisonment, Sir James Crofte, Knight, One other of her Majesty's most honorable Privy Council, and Treasurer of her Highness's most honorable Houshold. House of Commons Journal 1 05 June 1604 (2nd scribe) Continuances of Statutes committed unto the former Committees, and unto all the King's Privy Council ... Sir Herbert Crofte. We have an older Sybill Crofte and a younger Sybill Crofte. The older one born 1451-1454 was the daughter of Richard Crofte and Elinor Bare and her spouse was Sir George Herbert. Sir George Herbert was the child of Sir William Herbert and Ann Devereaux. The younger Sybill Crofte 1490-1523 of Croft Castle married Richard Huddleston and was the daughter of Richard Crofte and Catherine Herbert. Film number 184621 Richard Croft married Catherine Herbert in about 1508 at Croft Castle. He was
born about 1484 and died 01 Jan 1484. Catherine Herbert was born about 1486 at Blackhall, Montgomery, Wales. Richard Crofte parents were Edward Crofte and Joyce Skull.(C) Certificate of Muster Masters (1539)
This is the certificate of Sir George Gresley, knight, John Vernon and William Wyrley, esquires, three of the king's commissioners ... appointed for the trial and the view of all persons armed within the hundred of Ofelaw in the county of Stafford, above sixteen years, as well horsemen, footmen, bowmen, and billmen within the said hundred, whose names with their surnames and their weapons severally appeareth; and have given monition to every of them ... to be ready with their horse and harness, and to have their harness according to the king's statute thereof made. In witness we have subscribed our names and set to our seals the 27th day of April, 1539....[2] Elford and Hasulhowre Richard Huddilston — horse, harness, bill; able John Hervy — harness, without a horse, a bill; able Richard Wryght Rauf Massye Petur Foleshist John Janens — bowmen, able; without horse or harness John Melburne Thomas Smyth Alexander Hodson Philipp Wright — a bowman, not able Collections for a
History of Staffordshire, 1901, p. 217.
History of the Croft family
1086: At the time of the Domesday Survey Croft was held by Bernard under William of Ecouis. The family were called de Croft for 400 years and it is now thought that they were Normans introduced to Herefordshire before the conquest. 1243: The earliest recognised Croft is Hugh de Croft, who helped rescue Prince Edward from Simon de Montfort and deliver him to Wigmore. Williams’ brother Herbert was dean and bishop of Hereford, and his son was granted baronetcy as recognition of the sacrifices made by the Crofts. 1296-1727: The Crofts were also represented in Parliament, mainly for the Shire of Hereford or the Borough of Leominster. 1462: the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross was held nearby on land belonging to the Croft family. This battle was decisive in putting the Yorkist King Edward IV (a Mortimer) on the throne. Sir Richard Croft, who fought at the battle, was a Knight for the Shire and Sheriff of the County of Hereford. 1471: Richard Croft captured Prince Edward at the battle
of Tewkesbury and was made a Knight Banneret upon the field of Stoke by Henry VI. Under Henry VII Richard was made Receiver-General of the Earldom of March and Knight Banneret at the Battle of Stoke (1487). He was also Steward to the young Prince Arthur and Treasurer to the King’s Household. Edward IV and Richard III appointed Thomas Croft as ranger of Woodstock Park; he was deprived of this honour in 1491 because he had committed a ‘ detestable murder’ in the Marches of Wales. 1535: In Leland's Itinerary vlo V he describes the castle as: "…the manor of the Crofts, sett on the browe of a hill, somewhat rokky, dychid and waullyd castle like." 1542: James Croft was MP for Herefordshire. 1551: James was made Lord Deputy of Ireland by Edward VI, he retained this position for 1 year. 1552: He was made Deputy Constable of the Tower of London, most probably at the favour of Lady Jane Grey. Edward removed him from this position in 1553 because he had been foremost in
demonstrations in favour of Queen Jane. In 1554 he was a prisoner at the Tower but he escaped with his life and was released on the 1st of January 1555. Queen Elizabeth appointed James Croft Governor of Berwick. At the siege of Liege he repelled the foe but in a 2nd advance the English were worsted and James was blamed and ousted. Queen Elizabeth kept him as privy counsellor and controller of her household. 1558: Sir James Croft is buried in Westminster Abbey under a plain gravestone. The House of Croft-O.G.S Croft, 1949. Croft Castle, Herefordshire-Diana Uhlman, National Trust, 1978. "Hic iacet Johanna Croft una dominorum de la Holt in comitatu Wigorn". Habington has been unable to read the date of her death, but in a note he suggests it should be 1463, which is probably correct, for in 1472 we find dealings with the manor of Holt by Thomas Croft and Elizabeth, his wife (F. of F. Div. Cos., 76/82). From the A2A-FILE [no title]-ref. ZMI/B23/VII/7-date: 16th April, 3 Hen.
IV. 1425 [from Scope and Content] Wit.: William Fraunde, Kt. Henry Morley, John Hardebene, Robert Formane, Robert Manly, Thomas Crofte and others. Seal: 1 red wax on tag. (Papers of the Middleton family of Belsay. Catalogue Ref. ZMI Creator(s): Middleton family of Belsay [Access Conditions] ZMI B1/II/1-ZMI B1/II/10 Missing since 1962 FILE [no title]- ref. [from Scope and Content] Grant of a toft in Caneby, and other lands belonging to him. Wit.:Thomas Wadde of Norton, John Acgent of Herpeswell, Thomas Croft, John Wastne of Glentham. (Parchment) From Procat Records we get: SP 46/28/fo 220 The Council to the Treasurer and Chamberlain: since Sir Ralph Sadleir, treasurer of wars in the north, has made up his account Sir George Bowes' allowance for service in the rebellion with men at Barnarde Castle, is to be paid by the Exchequer; Hampton Court; 16 June 1570; Signed by Bedford, Clynton, Howard, Knollys, Croft and Cecill; with Mildmay's minute to Petre; SP 46/35/fo 235
Petition to Burghley by William Bradricke, citizen and embroiderer of London, nephew, and Jane Sigswithe, daughter, of Matthew Sigswithe, for an injunction for possession of lands in Hudswell, co. York, held of the honour of Midlamn Castle. On Matthew's death the lands passed to Sir James Croft's patentees, with whom they compounded, and preferred a bill against the tenant, Edward Maxwell; 28 Apr. C 1/731/26 William Barbor of Siefton [in Culmington], yeoman. v. Thomas Croft, constable of Wigmore castle.: Price of 63/4 yards of feathers (?), and loan.: Salop. 1538-1544. Possible parents of Sybil Crofts could be Thomas Croft and Joanna. Gratley Manor, and properties in Bristol Catalogue Ref. 8016 Deeds concerning properties in Bristol FILE [no title]-ref. 8016/1-date: [1479] [from Scope and Content] Lease of two closes of land in the suburbs of Bristol, next to the church of St. Michael, Bristol-Edward Grey, Lord de Lisle and Elizabeth, his wife to Thomas Croft, 23rd
February 18 Edward IV.

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