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From: "Michael K. Smith" <>
Subject: [Huguenot-L] GASTINEAU
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 07:25:05 -0500

I have a feeling this post didn't make it to the list the first time, for
whatever reason... My apologies if it's a repeat!


I've been lurking on the list for several weeks, getting a feel for it, and
now I think it's time to toss another surname into the pot: GASTINEAU

George Lewis Gastineau, son of Mathurin Gastineau & Jeanne Chabousant, was
baptized 17 Nov 1717 at La Patente in Spitalfields, London. (There are a lot
of other Gastineaux in the records there and also at the Threadneedle Street
church.) He appears on a 1738 tax list in Somerset County, Maryland, and he
also fought for the British Crown in the War of Jenkins Ear (in the
Caribbean) in 1740. And his will is dated 4 Oct 1768; probated 14 Dec 1768
in Somerset County.

He has a son born c1755 named Job, known to his descendants as "Job Sr.,"
who served in the Revolution in 1777, in the Augusta County, Virginia
militia. About 1783, he turns up in Washington County, Virginia, and about
1808 he migrated to Pulaski County, Kentucky.

The big question is, what was Job doing in Augusta County at the age of 21?
He also appears with George Gastineau (b. c1775 in Virginia?), who is
probably either his son or a nephew -- and this George is my own personal
ancestor (he also went to Pulaski County).

I've been working on the Gastineau family for several decades and I've
suspected all along that they might be Huguenot, but another family
researcher finally broke the log jam just recently with that connection
between George Lewis & Job, so there's now a flurry of new Gastineau
research going on. :)

Has anyone run across this line or know anything else about the Gastineau
family in London? Or how George got to Maryland? Or if there are any
present-day Gastineaux in the UK? (I haven't found any in the London or
other large-city UK phone books...)


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