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From: <>
Subject: BELOT, BELLOTT, BELOTT; 1764, South Carolina
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 06:49:50 -0700

In trying to extend the line of my Bertie County, North Carolina, Belote ancestors, I just learned that Pierre Hile Belot, Jean Bellott, and Marie Magdale Belott (who are each listed
separately) are listed among Poor French Protestants, inhabitants of Southern France, recently come into the Kingdom who were seeking, and apparently received Bounty land in
South Carolina in the spring of 1764. (A Compilation of Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina 1763-1773, compiled by Janie Revill)

A check of the indices of several library Huguenot sources available to me
(Ravenel, Hirsch, Baird, Brock and others) fail to reveal any names similar to these.

Is anyone familiar with these three names? Are they considered Huguenots considering their late arrival in South Carolina?

Thanks for any guidance.

George Holder

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