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From: "ke foster" <>
Subject: Foster's of Bethnal Green
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 16:40:35 +1000

I am new to this list but have been on a number of other lists for some

For quite a while I have been at a dead end with my Foster research.

I recently got hold of the 1841 census and have found a number of the family
all being Silk Weavers in Spitalfield and Bethnal Green

The earliest known couple are William and Georgiana Foster. William died
before 1837 but Georgiana just made it. She died 11 November 1837 and was
buried from St Matthew's. She died at 29 Thomas Street off Brick Lane. No
Foster's were in Brick Lane in 1841 but most residents were Weavers.
There were 6 sons who were all Silk Weavers in 1841 living in Seabright
Street, South Conduit Street, Mape Street and Cambridge Street. One son was
in Wilk Street in 1837 as he was the informant at his mother's death.

Does anyone link into this family

Love to hear from you

Keith Foster
Far North Queensland

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