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From: "fuller.tony" <>
Subject: Dee Ressinger's new book on New book, Isaac Dumont de Bostaguet, 1632-1709
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 17:25:24 +0100

I posted this earlier but it may have not been delivered.

Hi folks

Unashamed plug for the latest Hug Soc of GB publication, translated, introduced and edited by the ever excellent Dianne W. Ressinger, aka Dee.

This is the latest of the Hug Soc of GBs new series, being the memoire of the above named Huguenot gentleman of France who fled after the Revocation and settled in Ireland after a distinguished military career with William III. He was close to Ruvigny, Earl of Galway, the great patron of the Huguenots in Ireland and his perspective on life in France pre 1685, the dragonnade, his family's flight, life in the army, the siege of Limerick and the Battle of the Boyne and his later life, together with all of his domestic stuff, really isn't to be missed by serious students of Huguenot history. The book has been in print in French for many years but this is the first translation into English AND the book is illustrated.

Dee Ressinger writes in her usual clear and concise way, always both learned and entertaining. For anybody who was there and remembers her paper at the Huguenot Soldiering Conference in Dublin on French patronyms will know the ease with which Dee speaks about complex subjects.

So as not to breach Rootsweb rules, nothing about price etc but email me privately and I'll send you details of how to obtain the book.


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