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From: "fuller.tony" <>
Subject: Fosters of Bethnal Green
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 10:02:45 +0100
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Hi Keith

Although I use the Hug Soc Quarto Series as part of my search program - I
would do as I co-ordinate their production for the Society - I also use
other information that the Society may have published in hard copy but not
yet on disk - and I have other privately produced sources also.

I've got 138 Foster hits in 28 of the digitized publications. No more than
15% (roughly) of those are Foster Street, fostered whatever - all the others
are name references including some relating to the Weaver's Company records.

Proceedings have yet to go onto CDRom but I know that not all are street
references there because I have them in my bibliotheque.

No need to apologise for the posting, keep it in the open so we can all read
what's going on - though I would appreciate a private email with the source
of the information that you were given by the Society - hope that it wasn't

Hope this helps

List Admin

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