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From: "wilhelmina griffin" <>
Subject: Re: [Huguenot] MACAREE and JEVANS
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 22:32:21 +0100
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Thank you Tony, my Aunt (86yrs) will be pleased to find two results for our
search for Huguenot ancestors.

The JEVANS side particularly is interesting. My Grandmother was a JEVANS
and her father a pork butcher (we always thought this a french connection
yet a group of German historians once told me that he was more likley to be
from Alsass Lorraine (Pardon the spelling).

As for my name I was called Mina, wilma bilma and many other variations
before my mother's chosen nick name won over. I have been Billie ever
Thanks again,
P.S. I have a FULLER somewhere in my paperwork. A workmate/next door
neighbour who was also a wedding witness. I must look it out.

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Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 8:36 PM
Subject: [Huguenot] MACAREE and JEVANS

> Hi Billy
> Don't see many Wilhelminas around, it was my mother's name though she was
> Mina!
> OK, in the Huguenot Society of GB's Quarto series there are MACAREE 21 in
> editions, MACAREE appears in 1 volume of Proceedings as does MACARE,
> and MACAREL.
> JEVANS appears in 1 edition of QS though that is significant because it is
> pre-Huguenot 1544 denization. JEVANS then appears to have transmuted (as
> does MACAREE) into all sorts of other things.
> Regards
> Tony
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