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From: heyward Oemler <>
Subject: New forum administrator
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 20:45:14 -0800 (PST)

Welcome, Marilyn, and may we all have patience and follow the rules.

Thank you, Tony, for your kind directions to us and the time that you have spent while moving, etc. & still taking time to kindly lead us. Those of us who have been reading your postings during your tenure as administrator have learned much. I hope that you will still keep in contact, and do give your lovely wife a hello from all of us.

I wanted to add something to what Tony wrote regarding the LDS postings or anything else posted online by someone on their own personal site. Whatever anyone has posted to that LDS database may have been what they gathered from books, or what someone else such as a relative may have given them & they thought it was all they needed to have. I will also add that some books were written by families whose ancestors were Huguenot & they were bilked by someone like Mr. Gustave Anjou who produced many manuscripts with faux lineages. Unwittingly those families had followed what was in those manuscripts, wrote their own books and that is how we have come to see errors online. I will also add that some people from overseas also have bilked others by posing as professionals and not caring because we truly are wanting to know the truth. We are at the mercy of what we read, & if we don't take the time to try to verify from the primary sources available, and then post something erroneou!
s, then
we have misled all those who have the luxury of reading our errors. If they had used the microfilms that are available from the LDS library now, then perhaps some of their items can be corrected by posting to the LDS Pedigree Resource file.

Perhaps I might add that some have been scared to tackle looking at the French films that are available because they are insecure in trying to read French or any other language. There is a fiche available that helps one learn how to understand and extract what is in those french microfilms, and all one must do is to study everything that is in that fiche so you can solve what you find written there in the french church records.

The way that history books are written here in our country, does not tell us enough & educate us in learning what actually happened in Europe at the time our ancestors were living & going through their trials in trying to get to their chosen place of worship. The fact that our ancestors wanted the right to choose their religion is something that we in the US have taken for granted since we the Revolutionary War. Think of how you would feel if you found out that your place of worship had been destroyed, & you would have to hunt for another where your family would feel safe for a time (It is still happening in our own country). Sometimes we forget that the amount of time our ancestors took in traveling just to attend the Reform Temples and the fact that some of those Temples were destroyed, making them go further to attend another is something we must take into consideration.

Having been on the hunt for a long time for my ancestors & going through the microfilms from France, I have found that one must try to exhaust every available avenue there is. Some of the Reform Temples are still in existence and they have active pastors. One Reform Pasteur was kind enough and wrote telling me where to look in some of the Catholic films. We must thank God for allowing our ancestors to have the grace to choose the way for their families to survive, meaning if they finally decided to sign abjuration papers, then that is what kept them alive, until they had the fortunate contacts made in order to escape from tyranny and the terror of the dragoons. That pastor also reminded me that once a Huguenot, they were always one in their hearts forever since they had chosen to worship and to believe in Jesus Christ, even though they had to sign an abjuration. He also reminded me that there were massacres in several cities during the time of the Catholic wars and that D!
uring any
of our families lives while they were in France, we also should look for them possibly having a birth record in one place, & a death record in another place such as a Catholic church record.

Look at the map of where your ancestors lived, & then try to get inside their minds, and look at whatever available place there was for them to worship, or until they had to sign an abjuration, then look at those Catholic places available to them and look at those records. You will find that the Catholic records show the records of the names of those who signed abjurations. I wish you all good hunting & keep hunting in the primary sources that are church records.


Researching genealogy Root Surnames, their ascending, & descending & their side lines: Gignilliat, Le Serrurier, French, Martin, Vincent, Fabian, de Souza, De La Pole, De Beauchamp, de Mortimer, de Geneville, de Fandles, de Braose, Baliol, Villepontoux (Villeponteaux), L'Escot (Lescot, Escot), Du Pont (DuPont), Brière, de Rivasson, Helias, Monbouchier, Lentilhac, Langle, Lespinasse, de Belrieu, du Pré (duPre, duPree), Brabant, de Saussure (Desaussure), Faucheraud (Faucheraut, Fougeraut), Vignaud, de Bourdeaux (de Bourdeau), Garillond, Fresné, Saunier, du Busc, Dubois (Dubose), Cossart, Simons, Boyer, Toustain, Le Conte, Cottard, Guerry

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