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Would someone please be so kind as to inform me what site I need to go
to @ rootsweb.com relative to Iowa genealogy in general? I work for the
Probate Division of the Douglas County Court House in Omaha, NE and was
approached by an individual this week who was looking for information on a
marriage which took place in Iowa on May 11, 1911 between Joseph Frank
Marecek and Rose Louise Bruza.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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Subject: [IA-CIVIL-WAR] Bio of Mrs. Emma A. Ferrington

>A Narrative History
> of
> The People of Iowa
> with
> by
> Curator of the
> Historical, Memorial and Art Department of Iowa
> Volume IV
> Chicago and New York
> 1931
> MRS. EMMA A. FERRINGTON is a Des Moines business woman. At the death of
> her
> husband she took over the business he had founded, known as the Reliable
> Rug
> & Cleaning Company, and with a woman's good judgment, energy, and with
> the
> experience given her by successive years she made this a large and
> prosperous
> business and still gives it her time and management.
> Mrs. Ferrington's first husband was John J. Owens, a native of New York
> city. Mr. Owens and Miss Emma A. Seiler were married at Des Moines April
> 23,
> 1875. John J. Owens was a painter and paper hanger by trade, and died in
> 1885.
> After his death Mrs. Owens married Warren E. Ferrington, who died in
> 1890.
> Mr. Ferrington was a rug manufacturer and cleaner.
> Mrs. Ferrington is a daughter of John and Sarah (Tussie) Seiler. Her
> parents were born at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and at an early day moved
> across the
> country in covered wagons, and just west of the Mississippi River located
> at
> Bloomington, now the City of Muscatine. They put up the second house in
> the town. Her father was a shoemaker in Pennsylvania and for forty-five
> years
> served as sexton at Muscatine. There were eleven children in the Seiler
> family. The two now living are: Mary Fouts, a widow of an old Union
> soldier who
> recently died, and Mrs. Ferrington. Charles Seiler, of Marysville,
> Missouri, died January 14, 1930. Mrs. Ferrington's father was a
> Presbyterian, member
> of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and a Republican in politics.
> Two
> of his sons, John and Daniel, were soldiers in the Union army.
> Mrs. Ferrington was educated in common schools at Muscatine. She was a
> housewife and mother, and had no special training for the business which
> she took
> over on the death of Mr. Ferrington. The capital invested in the
> business
> at the time was only about a thousand dollars. Since then Mrs.
> Ferrington has
> been constantly adding to the service and the facilities of the
> establishment, and now has a plant covering half a block of ground and
> owns other real
> estate as well. All of this represents her success as a business woman.
> Mrs. Ferrington resides with her only daughter, Edith, wife of George
> Ginn,
> who is manager of the Reliable Rug & Cleaning Company. Mr. and Mrs. Ginn
> have two daughters, Rugh and Mercedes. Ruth is the wife of Frank
> Cunningham,
> and has a daughter, Barbara Elizabeth, born in 1923. Mercedes married
> Wallace
> E. Sears, and they have two sons, Owen and Leonard. Mrs. Ferrington is a
> member of the Central Methodist Episcopal Church.
> Debbie Clough Gerischer
> gerischer.rootsweb.com/
> Iowa History Site
> iagenweb.org/history/index.htm
> Scott County
> celticcousins.net/scott/index.htm
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