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Subject: Re: [IA-CIVIL-WAR] questions about pension file for Robert OVERTON
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 18:16:02 -0800
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The following is taken from the Roster and Record of Iowa Soldiers. You
might find it interesting to know the circumstances of your ancestors death.
Good luck with your pension search.

Overton, Robert. Age 21. Residence Carlisle, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug.
23, 1861.
Mustered Sept. 6, 1861. Died of disease April 13, 1862, New Madrid, Mo.

September 24, 1861, the regiment embarked on board transports at Davenport,
for St. Louis, arriving there on the 27th. Here it received its arms,
uniforms and camp equipments, and on October 1st was ordered to Cape
Girardeau to aid in fortifying that place against a threatened attack of the
enemy. From Cape Girardeau, the regiment engaged in an expedition which
resulted in the dispersion of a rebel force under the command of Gen. Jeff
Thompson. November 12th it was ordered to Bird's Point, and from that place
engaged in several expeditions, in one of which—near Charleston—it had a
sharp encounter with the enemy, resulting in a loss to the Tenth Iowa of 8
killed and 16 wounded. * The regiment suffered greatly while at Bird's Point
from sickness, the prevailing and most fatal malady being measles, the
aggregate loss from November 12, 1861, to March 4, 1862, being 96 by death
and by discharge on account of disease. It will thus be seen that in less
than six months the regiment had suffered a loss of 120 men in killed and
wounded and by death and discharge because of sickness. It was repeating the
experience of the Iowa regiments which had preceded it, in the loss of a
large number who could not withstand the hard conditions to which they were
subjected by the change from the comforts of their home life to the
hardships and exposure of the camp and the march during a winter campaign.

Dave Wildman

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Subject: [IA-CIVIL-WAR] questions about pension file for Robert OVERTON

My 2nd great grandfather's brother, Robert OVERTON, served in the Civil War.
It appears he died in service and his mother claimed his pension. I am
interested in obtaining his pension file to learn more about him and
specifically about his parents. I have a few questions that I hope someone
will be able to help answer.

1. How likely am I to find any information about his parents in his pension
file? I realize each pension file is different and I gather information
about parents is often not included, but since his mother claimed the
pension, I'm hoping something will be there. I would like to find any of the
following: mother's maiden name, parents' date & place of marriage, parents'
place of birth (I have dates).

2. What is contained in the Pension Documents Package from NARA for $25? The
NARA site states: "Reproduction of eight documents that contain genealogical
information about the pension applicant, to the extent they are present in
the file. These documents are for Federal (not State or Confederate) service
between 1775 and 1912 ( before World War I). Select the FAQ at the right for
a list of specific documents." But the FAQ does not in fact list the

3. Can I order the pension file from anywhere else? I've read in a few
places that they can be ordered from State Archives at lesser cost, but I
cannot find any mention of this on the State Historical Society of Iowa web
site, which is where I understand the state archives to be kept for Iowa. So
perhaps the availability varies by state.

Honestly, I am trying to avoid paying $75 for a file that might not even
contain the information I am looking for. As much as I am interested in all
my ancestors and do want to learn as much as possible about them, I try to
reserve the big cash expenditures on direct ancestors, since it can really
add up, as you all know.

Here is what I know about Robert's service. Note that one source shows he
received a disability discharge AFTER the other source claims he died. Is
this some strange military thing (you are discharged after you die?) or is
one source incorrect? Day and year are the same, but month is different, so
I wonder if both dates should be the same.

from Ancestry.com <http://ancestry.com/>;

Name: Robert Overton , Residence: Carlisle, Iowa Enlistment Date: 23
Aug 1861 Side Served: Union State Served: Iowa Service Record: Enlisted as
a Private on 23 August 1861 at the age of 21.
Enlisted in Company B, 10th Infantry Regiment Iowa
6 Sep 1861.
Received a disability discharge from Company B, 10th Infantry Regiment
13 Aug 1862 at New Madrid, MO.
Pension claimed by mother, Ellsey Overton, July 29? (23?), 1888??? (year is
illegible). Application No: 377 257 Certificate No: 295 254. State Iowa.

from 1866 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Iowa,
Appendix, published Des Moines, Iowa, 1866

*Robert Overton*
Date of going into Quarters:Aug. 23, '61
Date of muster into U.S. service:Sep. 6, '61
Remarks:Died of disease at New Madrid, Apr. 13, 1862

Any suggestions would be most welcome! Thank you for your help.
Erin in Vancouver, Canada

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