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Subject: Re: [IADECATU] Acacia - Graceland College
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 03:14:34 +0000

Hello Barbara in San Diego:

I would be interested in your 1918 Graceland College year book. My great Aunt Nina Traxler (b 1897) as well as her daughter Patricia Crouch Young. My mother and grandmother were born in Lamoni. My great grandfather Moroni Traxler was an elder in the RLDS church.

Denell Burks in Vacaville, CA
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> Recently I went to an antique store in Bethany, MO and found an annual
> for Graceland college - year 1918.
> It has super pictures and info on the college and its faculty and
> students. I could not possibly let that annual just sit there and be
> destroyed or get into hands that would not appreicate them. Am willing
> to share it with anyone that really wants it. let me hear from
> you. It has no index...is a paperback. ( I have no interest in that
> area myself, but just like when I see old photos in an antique store
> with no home...would like to see that this item gets a home).
> Barbara in San Diego.
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