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Subject: LaFramboise hauls good to Point - aux - Poules in 1842.
Date: 14 Sep 2003 14:32:32 -0600

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Surnames: LaFromboise, Bourbonnais, LeClerc,Sarpy, Papin, Kane, Elliott, Luce, Cooper, Provencal, Rice, Pearson, Luce. Alley
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National Archives Micro-Copy No. 325 (ususally called "Iowa Territorial Papers"); Roll No. 78; Blip 725.--"The United States - TO - John La Framboise. 1842 November 23. For his services bringing load of good from Pearson & Coopers' store to Point au Poule.
"Goods taken from Provencal & Rice for a violation of Intercourse Laws.
"2 days at $1.50 per diem:............................. $3.00
"Expenses of team and for food & lodging......$1.25

"Received Council Bluffs Sub Agency Nov. 24, 1842 of John B. Luce Sub Ind. Agt., Four Dollars and twenty five cents in full of above account.--John X LaFramboise (his mark)"
"WITNESS: Wm. Alley"


1. At the beginning of the first day, John La Framboise must have left home, but the trip required him to seek food and lodging at the end of the first day, and probably breakfast the second morning. It is my guess he found this at Bourbonnais' place of "public accommodation" on Keg Creek, in southwestern Mills county, just north of the present Fremont county line. His second day's journey would take him on up to the northwestern corner of present Mills county, Iowa, which was a trip of about 12 to 14 miles.

2. John LaFramboise could not write his name, and this leads one to believe he had not received even an elementary education.

3. POINT-AUX-POULES: (a).--This was the French name of the neighborhood where Peter A. Sarpy had his trading post. (Is this the place to say that it really was owned by the American Fur Company, who had granted it to one Papin, who had granted it to Peter Sarpy, who had granted it to William Alley, but who himself WAS NOT always the person in charge of the establishment! This was a kind of carry-over from Medieval times where a kingdom parceled out it possessions, passing something down, from person to person, until each of these parcels was of a size which was usable by one person! )
(b).--The "Frontier Guardian", Kanesville, Iowa, dated Sept. 4, 1850, column one page 1, said Pull Point, or Point aux Poules was a trading post of the American Fur Company, and a village of the Pottawatomies....When Thomas Kane visited here in 1846, he said Pierre LeClerc and Joseph LaFramboise both lived at the same village as did P. A. Sarpy....Richard Elliott, sub-agent for the Potawatomie in 1845, said Point-aux-Poules, or Chicken Point, near the bank of the Missouri and opposite Bellevue, Nebr., was where the traders were located, was a convenient place for the sub-agency, so 'twas where he bought suitable buildings from Peter A. Sarpy.
(c).--Council Bluffs postoffice from circa 1849 to 1853 was located at Peter A. Sarpy's trading house. It was here that many of the emigrants to the Far West crossed the Missouri, and NOT at present day Council Bluffs, which was at that time called "Kanesville".

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