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From: "Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert" <>
Subject: H.O. PENICK
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 21:15:46 -0500

From: Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
Date: 07/23/05 20:25:34
Subject: Fw: A Successful Banker--H.O.Penick

Hi All: I thought I would forward Gary's most welcomed note -- perhaps
there are some of you out there who can make a connection. Nancee

From: gary burke
Date: 07/22/05 10:07:58
Subject: A Successful Banker--H.O.Penick

Hello Nancee Seifert!
Some of your postings have helped me a whole lot
!!! Thank you very much!
I am decended from H.O.Penick & Mabel Bradbury Wadleigh(of Oquawka,IL. &
Mabels daughter was my grandmother(Mildred Wadleigh Penick,who married
Charles Walton Morton Jr.( of Omaha,NE & James Morton & Son Co
-Wholesale/Retail Hardware Distributors for most major lines in the Mid-West
They were in Burlingtoh,Iowa Before that & Charles Walton Morton Sr. & his
Father Had the Co. there. James Morton & Mary Walton & her sister came from
Chester on the Dee River in the U.K. by way of N.Y. & IL.)
Mildred & Charles W.Jr. where married at New Orleans,La.in 1920. They
moved to Omaha,NE. then had two daughters; Patricia at Omaha in 1920(my
Mother) & Cynthia in Camb.,MA.in 1929( my aunt).I am interested in anything
about H.O.Penick(Harry O.Penick, Harold Otho Penick,Harry O.Panich)He
died(1940) as a retired Pres. of Peoples Bank in Seattle,WA.He was also Pres
Of United Warehouse Co. At Seattle.

He was still Married at death to wife # 3 Ruth N. Brough of Seattle.

Wife # 2 was Elizabeth(Bessie as in Best Foods Inc.)Ratleff Foster of
Franklin & New Orleans,La.(daughter of Sen.Murphy J. Foster).

Wife # 1 was Mabel( Bradbury) Wadleigh(daughter of Ella (Bradbury- wife #2
married at Oquawka,IL )Wadleigh & Samuel Wadleigh( born at Hatley,Quebec a
Loyalist town founded in 1802 by his grandfather Ephraim Wadleigh & 2
Associates: Mr.Cull & Mr.Hovey they all came from New England 1798 & before
that.) A coal,Oil & Lumber dealer at Burlington,Ia.She died in child birth
with twins in 1902 with none surviving. (Samuel (Mary Ann Phelps wife # 1) &
Luke(Phebe Rowell) Wadleigh Moved with their wives & family to Oquawka,IL.
from Hatley.) All are burried at Oquawak Town Cematary in One plot up to My
I hope to find out more about H.O. Penick. I know where he was born
(chariton,Iowa) who his parents were,where they were married. I know he was
a Captian during the Spanish/American war. He was a Banker at three Banks at
Chariton, then at Central Bank & Trust Co-121 Camp St.,New Orleans,La,then
at Peoples Bank in Seattle,WA. I beleive that he was an Episcopalian as most
of his line was & is. As are my people back then, but I am not sure. I am
looking for pictures Best for now, JWM in Boston,Ma.

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