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Date: Sat, 04 Sep 1999 18:40:31 -0700

Does anyone know what became of Matilda M. (GEYLON/GALYON) ROSS and her
son, Albert/Elbert GEYLON/GALYON who lived on Fix Ridge, Latah Co., ID
from 1890 to 1900??? Their lives are very intertwined with my ROSS
family and I would appreciate any help available to sort it all out.

Matilda M. GEYLON married Ashburn Dewitt Clinton ROSS on 14 Jan 1880 in
Esmeralda Co., NV. According to the 1880 US Census, A. Clinton Ross
(age 34) and his wife Mira M. (age 45), both born in TN, were living
with her son, Albert E. (no surname) (age 10) in Mason Valley, Esmeralda
Co., NV.

Ashburn Dewitt Clinton ROSS, according to his obituary, “settled on the
bench near McMillian's chapel” in Idaho by 1885. It is unclear where
that location is or if Matilda and Albert were with him. There is
evidence that Ashburn was “living with” Nancy J. HEDRICK as early as
1884, however, they weren’t legally married until 1893.

Nancy was the widow of James Marion HEDRICK, who was murdered in 1881
leaving her with six young children. Mr. HEDRICK’s was reportedly the
first burial on Fix Ridge. According to HEDRICK family stories, Nancy
“ran off” with Ashburn and left her children in the care of her eldest
son, Charlie, who raised them. On August 24, 1890, Nancy's
ex-brother-in-law, Thomas Jefferson HEDRICK, wrote to his sister and

"---Have not seen any of them (referring to the children of James Marion
and Nancy HEDRICK) since July 1889 when Charles was down and stayed a
short visit with me. I believe they heard from Nan this spring her and
the man she ran off with are living in 'Boise Basin', Idaho lays some 50
to 100 miles nearly south of Boise City. Further information I know
not. I presume the news is only indirect as she does not communicate
with the children."

Nancy and Ashburn ROSS were finally married in Canyon Co., ID on
December 12, 1893. Their marriage record lists their residence as
Hunter, Ada Co., ID. In 1900, they lived in Whitecross Precinct, Ada
Co. By 1910, they appear to have left their ranching life and were
living at 1920 State St., Boise City, ID. Nancy died in 1912. Ashburn
married for the third time on 21 Oct 1913 to Martha (Evans) Pillow
Mitchell. He died 20 Oct 1915; all of Nancy’s children were remembered
in his will.

Matilda ROSS’s whereabouts from 1880 to 1890 are unclear. On 21 Nov
1890 she purchased land on Fix Ridge, Latah Co., ID from Samuel D. &
Carrie J. Oylear. The land was located near the farm of William
Winfield Scott ROSS, Ashburn’s brother. Matilda apparently lived there
until 7 April 1900 when she sold the land to James A. Hubbard. On the
sales transaction she is listed as a “widow” though we know Ashburn was
still living.

To add “spice” to the story, a marriage record has been found for Elbert
GALYON to Eva HEDRICK, on 30 Jul 1887 in Nez Perce Co., ID. Elbert
(Albert??) was probably Matilda ROSS’ son and Eva was definitely Nancy
HEDRICK’s daughter. Elbert and Eva had at least one child, Nancy Galyon
born in May, 1891. It is unknown how their marriage ended, however, Eva
was living in her brother Howard’ household in 1900 and married Joe E.
Foster on 4 Jun 1903 in Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., ID. Eva Foster died 25
Jun 1936 in Omak, Okanogan Co., WA.

After the sale of Matilda’s land in 1900 there has been no further
evidence found of her. I have been unable to locate any divorce record
for Ashburn and Matilda or a death record for Matilda. Did Matilda
refuse to give Ashburn a divorce, explaining his long unmarried living
arrangement with Nancy? If so, what finally occurred that permitted
their marriage in 1893? If anyone knows of any of these people,
particularly Matilda or Albert please contact me. Though I have found a
lot of information on these people, I can’t write the final chapter of
this saga without knowing what became of Matilda?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

Delores Y. (Buell) Eveland

Researching descendants of William Ashburn and Mahala Mary (Cunningham)
ROSS and Peterson and Nancy E. (ROSS) JOHNSON, early settlers of Fix

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