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Donna "asked for it", so here is an interesting (long)
tale of two families from Norway with similar names
who were neighbors and possibly were related. One
family (both parents and 3 sons) emigrated to Chicago;
at least 4 children (2 sons, 2 daughters) of the other
family also emigrated to Chicago; then the families

In “1865 telling” (1865 Norway census) for “1503
Christianssund”, two families lived in adjoining
multi-family dwellings.

* At “38 Hougene” (Gårdsnummer, Gatenavn) lived the
“Petter Andreas Tochkle” family: 53 year old
“Bødkermester” (master cooper) Petter Andreas Tochkle;
50 year old wife Aase Tostens[en] Sletten from Læssø;
22 year old son Thomas Peder Tochkle (a “Krambodgut”);
17 year old son Eduard Tochkle; 14 year old son
Christian Tochkle.
* At “40 Hougene” lived the “Carl Tode” family: 47
year old "Bødker" Carl Tode; 39 year old wife
Hansine Tode f Galschiidt from Throndhjem; 20 year old
son Adolph Christian Tode (a “Bødker” like his
father); 18 year old son Hans Gerhard Tode and 16 year
old son Sigvardt Tode (both “Søe Mand” (seaman or
sailor)); 14 year old daughter Gjertine Berntine Tode;
10 year old son Carl Tode; 7 year old daughter Hansine
Tode; 4 year old daughter Sophie Tode; 2 year old son
Gustav Adolph Tode; and 86 year old widowed
(grandmother) Segni Tode from Weblungsnæss.

The next year (1866), the "Petter Takle" family (50
year old Petter, 54 year old Alette, 21 year old
Thomas, 17 year old Edvard, and 13 year old Kristian
(from “Chrsund”) traveled on the Gustav Adolph (“Ship
lists Bergen-Quebec 1865-1873”) to the US, eventually
settling in Chicago. (Not sure if Alette and Aase are
the same person; the ages for Petter and his wife are
reversed in the 1868 emigration records compared to
the 1865 census.)

By the 1870 US Census, Aletta (54) TOCKER and son
Christian (16) are living in Chicago; elder sons
Thomas (25) and Edward (20) are working as painters in
SAN RAFAEL, Marin county, California; but father Peter
is no where to be found. (Family cannot be found in
1880 census in either.)

In May 1873, 20 year old Gustine Tokle and her 16 year
old brother Carl Tokle traveled in steerage on the
Haakon Adelsten (“Skipslister, Bergen-New York
1871-1873”), following elder brother Sigvardt to
Chicago. They were followed by younger sister Sophia
(my great-grandmother) in 1880, and Josephine Amalie
in 1888. Carl (renamed Charles TUCKER) is only found
in the 1900 Chicago census living with the family of
his married elder brother Sigvardt (renamed William
Sievert TUCKER); both men were janitors.

By November 1873 a EDWARD TOCHLE married HELENA BERG;
by August 1874 THOMAS P TOCHLE married (his cousin?)
GJESTINNE TOCHLE. In the next 25 years, Thomas P and
Gjertine had 3 children in Chicago and 4 more in
Portland Oregon where they are found in 1900 US
Census. (After moving from Oregon to a dryer climate
in Texas for Gjertine’s health (TB), the family
returned to Chicago where both Thomas P (61) and
Gjertine (54) TOCHLE eventually died with days of each
other in September 1906.) Most of the TOCHLE children
from this family kept the name spelling, though one
son (Fred) legally changed his name to Tockle since it
was always being mis-spelled.

Sophia TUCKER, my great-grandmother, met my
great-grandfather while strolling in Lincoln Park
married him in 1881 one Sunday. He worked as a
cooper/barrel maker ("Bødker) in Chicago and knew her
father in Norway (according to my family's story).
(But that is a tale for another day.)

Originally derived from Tøkle farmname, the family
surname spelling has changed – both in Norway and the
US. I have found it as Tode or Tocle, Tokle, Tockle,
Tochkle, Takle in Norwegian records and Tockle,
Tochkle, Tackle, Tuckle, Tocker, and Tucker in the US
(and there are probably several variations or
corrupted spellings I have yet to discover).

Anyone recognize this occupation?
(Not found in this excellent list of genealogy terms: )

Ralph from Chicago

> Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 13:19:29 -0500
> From: "Donna" <>
> To:
> Subject: Families in a new area from ??--Tell us
> who, when & where from
> Hi List,
> ... Lets all tell who [our] ancestors are,
> when they moved into the area & from where.
> Thanks, Donna

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