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Subject: BOOK Illustrated History of the Union Stock Yards (Chicago)
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 14:32:16 -0500
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as always, I have no vested interest in the sale or the purchase only
in the information

here is a link of something that is on ebay which illustrates that
such a book is actually in existance....
and might be available to you via interlibrary loan...

in this particular case also a
May 9, 1904 letter from NorthWestern Fertilizing Co. (Animal Bone
Fertilizers) with offices and factory located at Union Stock Yards),
to a Mr. Chas. V. Borklund, transmitting his bill (also included) in
the amount of $63.55 for bags feed !!

here is the balance of the info to use as a sort of INDEX to the book
(lucky you if your family is noted!!!:

Illustrated History of the Union Stock Yards (Chicago) A
sketch-book of familiar faces and places at the Yards. By W. Jos.
Grand. Chicago: 1901. Approx. 6-1/4" X 9". 362 pages of
text, plus 8 pages of advertisements. Book is lavished with
illustrations for each topic.

Also included with sale (found within book) is a May 9, 1904 letter
from NorthWestern Fertilizing Co. (Animal Bone Fertilizers) with
offices and factory located at Union Stock Yards), to a Mr. Chas. V.
Borklund, transmitting his bill (also included) in the amount of
$63.55 for bags feed !! Wow...that was a large sum!!

The book was written prior to the Stock Yard fire, which killed so
many, and prior to the Chicago labor riots during the early 1930s.
However, hints of what was to come can be found within the book
(pictures of children working in sausage factories).

Content: This book provides a thorough and detailed historical
accounting of the Union Stock Yards in Chicago, including
descriptions of daily events, personalities, facts and figures,
unusual events, care, gathering, herding, preparing, and auctioning
of cows, horses, hogs, etc. Also, preparation and breeding.
Veterinary recipes and directions of riding and judging are given.
Noted personalities connected with the Union Stockyard are addressed.
We realize many ebayers do not wish to read details....and the above
gives a general overview. The following is provided for the more
"detailed mind"..... however, keep in mind, this list ONLY covers a
portion of what can be found within. Generally, if it went on at
the Union Stock Yards in Chicago by 1900, the book should cover some. 1- The Union Stockyards: The Greatest Live
Stock Market in the World- " You can get quicker action for your money
at the stockyard than in any other place on earth." - tells of
beginnings back to 1848- refers to history and John Sherman
2. Reminiscences of the Stockyards, including section on killing
cattle, "Packingtown", Joe Getler and his Cats, cutting up hogs,
children making sausage, and Armour's elevatred Sausage Trolley.
3. Facts and figures on the slickest confidence game in Chicago.
4. The World's Greatest Horse Market, an important
feature of the Union Stockyards (more sold there in 1900 than anywhere
else in the world!!!!!!!!!!! 5. Black Jack and his
Chickens (The guard at the gate, the big outside arch . His real
name was George Martin. He kept watch over those who came.... not a
single accident occurred. Oddly, he kept pet hens with him...
6.) Wild Horse Harry and his horse 7) Mar Valanta, or Mary the
Apple Woman. 8) David MacFeat, the high-priced auctioneer of
America 9) Don McCarthy and his goats 10) Process,
details and history of dressing lamb and mutton at the stock-yards
11) Andy Riley , Tim Gleason and their sheep Bill (weighed 200
pounds!!) 12) Jewish butchers and koshermen at the stockyards for
"Kosher" killing 13) Jimmy Norton and his dog Harry. 14)
Evolution of cattle 15) Human nature at the cow market 15)
Inspections and tagging of cattle for export 16) Jack-Knife Ben
17) Cattle Buyers (salary, responsibilities, abilities )
18) Breeding- advice to farmers and small breeders; names the
horse as God's noblest animal; nuumerous pictures of different breeds
19) "Bridle Bill"- stands near fire-engine house braiding and
plaiting leather lariats, watch chains and bridles. produced famous
bridles... real name is W. T. Davidson. 20)
Horse-dealing 21) Working cattle 22) Buying Horses-
Hints to amateurs and something about coachmen. standing square,
concave hooves 23) Care and conditioning of the horse 24)
foreign buyers, famous buyers and selling at the market; advice to
country shippers to the horse market 25) Putting ribbons in
the horses mane!!! 26) Tales and descriptions of how and
why widows sell at cheap prices. 27) Sea-faring on cattle
boats 28) Transit House 29) Kitty Maolorey
30) Can-rushers that eat and drink during lunch 31)
Pen-holders 32) Scalding cows 33) Mike Mullins,
champion beef dresser of the world and dresser for George F. Swift &
Co. 34) Jack Campaign, connected with Fire Patrol wagon with
headquarters at the yards, and his grizzly Pety and hog Paddy.
35) Weighing in 36) Foreign buyers 37) Horses for
export 38) Ham Testing 39) Libby, McNiel & Libby
40) Manufacture of Butterine, Elgin creamery butter and Jersey
Cream 41) Homes of ranchmen connected with Union
Stockyards (i.e., those in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming,
Montana, Dakotas, Indian Territory, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and
Oregon). 42) The "mess" wagon. 43) Round-up of
Horses and cattle 44) Night herding 45) Roping,
branding and looking for a brand 46) Cowboys and Indians
46) Range horses 47) Instructions/ with pictures for
mounting, driving , riding in coach and saddle 48) Identifying
a good walker and good hind Quarters 49) Over 50 Veterinary
Recipes 50) Memories and thoughts of Mr. Blank 51) Large
advertisements FRAZIER LUBRICATOR for Axle grease. A H BARBER
MFT.CO., for refrigeratng machines. CHICAGO SCALE COMPANY for US
Standard Scales with solid steel frames, fire and burglar proof safes,
and blacksmiths tools, mills, engines, boilers, and sewing machines.
Commission dealers in Horses and Mules. H L BROWN & SON, Commission
Merchants for veal, poultry game, eggs and butter. HUNT'S EUROPEAN
deals in poultry, eggs, veal, game, etc. COUGLE BROS,
RANDALL & CO., commission merchants for hay, grain and potatoes.
CARROL S McMILLEN, A continuous stock of woolens, always able to
tailor with style and quality

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