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Subject: [IL-Cook-Sch] photo collective
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 20:00:33 -0500

I have been given the following piece of information about photos at the library:

The Schaumburg Township Local History Collection is now up and running on the library's website.
Simply go to ,
click on "STDL Catalog" and then
the "Local History" button.
Look FOR THIS button at the top of the screen....I have overlooked it for a LOOOOONG time!
There are two ways of searching.
It is possible to do a keyword search by clicking on "Search".
It is also possible to do a browsing search by clicking on "Hierarchy", again, I overlooked it for a long time....
I WOULD SUGGEST HIERARCHY FOR NOW to see all the pictures that are in the collection so far....

As you review the photos, the screen may time out.
If this happens, the STDL catalog page will appear.
All you need to do is to re-click on the Local History button and continue with the steps as noted above.

At this point, the only items on the Collection are pictures.
Most of the photos that you will see are those that were already roughly cataloged and in our Illinois Collection.
Others that will find their way on soon are those from the Schaumburg Historical Society,
those donated by the Facilitators For The Preservation Of Schaumburg Area History and
our own donated photos that we never cataloged.
In addition, old Schaumburg area maps are in the process of being scanned for mounting on the website.
We hope to catalog those as soon as the scanning is completed.

With the evolving nature of the collection,
we have discovered that it is best, at present, to focus on photos of older, more historical buildings, places and events. Photos of this nature are both in the highest demand and are the easiest to research.
Pictures of buildings that were built as the villages evolved and
of those who were instrumental in the building phase will be done next.
Due to the more intense research they will require, photos of early farmers and businesspeople will be done last.
It is possible that, as farm buildings are cataloged that we will revise our thinking and
do any photos of the farm's residents at the same time.

It needs to be understood that this is a long, ongoing project and,
that unfortunately, those involved can only work on it part-time.

IF YOU FIND any mistakes or additions to the pictures' catalog record,
please send a note to with the OFFICIAL name of the photo
that you are referencing and the correction that you wish to make.
Be sure to sign your full name and contact info.....for valentine


Please pass on to Rootsweb a couple of other items:

To view the historical clippings, oaths of office and township records it will be necessary for the reference librarian to go to the cabinet with the searcher and be there while they go through the material. Folders may be taken out of the drawers and reviewed in more detail at the Reference Desk. It will be necessary to leave ID with the librarian if items are taken to the copy machine and copied. Items will be counted when copied and counted again when brought back.

The library has a circulating copy of Slice of Life in the Illinois Collection and it may be checked out.

I think this brings me up to date on my messages!

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