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Subject: [IL-Cook-Sch] Photo/Graphic Project INTRODUCTION
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As with the increased interest in the genealogy HOBBY, there has also been an increase interest in old photo collections. Sometimes there is also an interest in certificates, papers from the homeland, farm auction papers, newspaper clippings, legal papers, etc. These items all create a slice of life for our ancestors in our personal history collectives It is no different in the area that our elders grew up in - the Schaumburg Area - Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates!

There is a special interest afoot now in photos of about 1970 and earlier - as early as possible - of the
Schaumburg-Lippe area - especially the churches and the homeplaces,
old photos of Schaumburg Illinois,
old photos of Hoffman Estates Illinois and
photos of our ancestors from family archives and collectives.

Here are some more ideas: places, clearly shown activities, the tornadoes, dining, equipment, daily work, flying, entertainment, church documents, legal documents, oaths of office, bills of sale, milk pickup, buildings- especially those that no longer exist, etc.

I suspect that we ALL have something that we can contribute! Things that will reflect a bit of our families and how they contributed. This is your chance to have them remembered.....

Here is what is in process right now!
The STDL is putting many of our photos onto their website. In a recent separate email to the LIST, there is an instruction sheet on how to access this material..... Visit the and you will be able to see that has been accomplished so far..... The Village of Schaumburg is in the process of preparing a book of photos of Schaumburg. However, if I understand correctly, the Schaumburg book will only be published IF a significant number of photos can be collected. I am not sure of how many photos that is exactly, but if the effort is being made, I think that we should give a helping hand. Hoffman Estates is diligently continuing the work that was begun for their 40th Anniversary. And, FPSAH - Facilitators for the Preservation of Schaumburg Area History - is constantly working to gather materials and to identify areas that need further investigation. ALL of these activities are wonderful, and long awaited steps towards the public documentation of our area's histor!

These are the people involved in this new photo/graphic project :

Lavonne at FPSAH
Betsy at VOS
Jane at STDL
Bonnie at Hoffman Estates Historian

AND NOW, we are asking - I am asking - for contributions! - YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! Can you help?

Because I know that photos and certificates are important family treasures, and there is always the possibility of loss and long time-frames between their receipt and return, we are asking that you email scanned photos ! This means that you must create a complete ID for the photo BEFORE you send it so that the photo will be accurately identified at all times and there should be no contest as to WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY! This may involve some work on your part, but it will be such well spent time! Your photo or document will ALWAYS have a good and clear identifier by the people best capable of its identification - YOU! (besides, you have them identified like this already, right?!) Please make sure that the LONG Description that you use on the 'form' is complete, accurate and Very detailed.

I hope that you devote some time to this project. The more information that you provide with the photo, the more chances that it will be used and entered to the Library's system, used in the book, or help in the pursuit of our ongoing historical projects. I think it would be wonderful if all of our Schaumburg Township families were represented and in particular, all of us on THE LIST. We know that we cannot reach all of the Schaumburg Area Elder families but many of us do research on more than a single family and so I am counting on you to be forthcoming with your collections.

If you send a photo or two each week, there are many who would be very thrilled with the receipt!

And, what a wonderful way to have your photos archived for the generations to a book or in a library collection...

If you have questions about this or need some help, please do not hesitate to email me.... at

This is an important effort. I can understand if there are questions.....

I am sending a FORM LETTER after this message for you to use with each of the photo/graphics that you send...
Keep it handy so that you can use it.
It will also be in the List archives so you can find it there

You will need to create a long description, fill in the blanks, add attachment and send.

As a note to you all - The mission of FPSAH – Facilitators for the Preservation of Schaumburg Area History - is to act as a facilitator in the collection of materials, artifacts, photographs, videos, oral and/or written personal histories, and insure the protection of all materials in order to further the knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and public awareness of the history of Schaumburg Township and surrounding environs. The resulting collection is to be used specifically for research purposes and not the purpose of profit taking by the members, by the custodian of the material, by any researcher or user using the material. At present, there are three of us, Bonnie Cernosek, LaVonne Presley and Linda Valentine.


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