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A True Picture of Emigration
Lakeside Classic, RR Donnelley and Sons, Chicago, 1936
Citadel Press, 1968, New York,
First Bison Book, 1987
Rebecca Burlend
IBSN 0-8032-119808
ISBN 0-8032-6083-0 Paperback, 167 pages

1831 to 1865, Pikes County, Illinois
SHIP HOME from Liverpool, Sept 02, 1931 to New Orleans, 1st Sunday in
November, 1831

Refer to Index for applicable Page Numbers.
Plus noted Preface pages:

Allen, Francis I, husband of Sarah Burlend
Allen, Francis II
Barrett, Oliver R, vi only
Bieckerdike, Charles
Buck, Prof. S. J.
Burlend, Charlotte,
Burlend, Edward
Burlend, Hannah, See Also Dalby
Burlend, John I
Burlend, John II
Burlend (Yelliott) Mary, See also: Yelliott
Burlend, Rebecca
Burlend, Sarah, See also Allen
Burlend William page 9 plus x
Burns, ?
Burns, Daniel, ix
Burton, Rebecca
Carr, ?
Crawford, James, viii
Dalby, Thomas, Husband of Hannah Burlend
Elledge, Elizabeth
Farrand, James
Jackson, General Andrew
Kinzie, Mrs. Juliette A.
Knowles, ?
Lincoln, Abraham
Littell, Guy, xi
Murphy, Jack, x
Norris, See also: Philips (Norris) Nancy
Oakes, ?
Paddock, ?
Philips, Andrew
Philips, Asa
Philips (Norris) Nancy
Philips, Nimrod
Philips, Selah
Philips, Zerrelda Jean
Rhodes, Albert
Thompson, Jess M.
Thompson, Sylvester, ix
Tillson, Mrs. Christiana H.
Vanderoozen, See: Van Dusen (Vanderoozen) Garret
Van Dusen (Vanderoozen) Garret
Varley, ?
Whalen, Hazel
Yelliott, Luke, husband of Mary Burlend
Yelliott , See: Burlend (Yelliott) Mary

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