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Subject: [IL-Cook-Sch] PERSI
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 23:10:14 -0500

STDL has access to ANCESTRY data bases.....


Another great way to locate periodicals, is through the Periodical
Source Index, or PERSI as it is commonly called. Compiled by the
Allen County Public Library, PERSI is available in printed form in
some major libraries, and on CD-ROM, as well as on the
site (subscriber database Once a
reference is located in the index, a copy can then be requested from
either the entity that published it, or from the Allen County Public
Library. (The form is available at: It helps
to attach a copy of the database entry as well.)

Now when you're searching PERSI, your first instinct may be to enter
in your family surnames in the database, and there's nothing wrong
with that idea. You just may find an ancestor in the database, but
don't limit yourself to names. There is so much more available in
these publications. Searches for locations can lead to records
transcribed or extracted that were published in a local society
newsletter, and searches for topics of interest can also yield some
interesting results.

Some searches you may want to consider:
--- Surname
--- Location
--- Ethnicity and location
--- Religion and location
--- Church or synagogue name
--- Cemetery name
--- Religious orders or organizations
--- Fraternal organizations
--- Schools
--- Historical events
--- Record typesGet more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

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