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Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 22:33:15 -0500

Ice Cream Social 20

Immanuel Church 2p 12 16 19

Immanuel Church Cemetery 3p

Immanuel Church, United Church of Christ Hanover Township 29

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church 30p

Immanuel United Church of Christ 1 26 27p 30p 37

Immanuel United Church of Christ Streamwood IL 36

India 6

Institute for Continued Learning 36

Iowa 16

Jahn Elsie 12p

Japan 21

Johnson Minnie 22p

Johnston Louise 21p 22p

Kacmar Fran 23p

Kading David 21p

Kamlage Edward 34p

Kamlage Emma 12p

Kankakee IL 13

Keine Mildred 35p

King Fern 23p

Kingdom of Hanover 3

Klein Phyllis 12p 22p

Kraft Agnes 12p

Krog Alma 34p

Krog Ella 35p

Krog George 35p

Krog Johann 34p

Krog Lillie 12p 22p

Krueckeberg Ida 34p

Krueger Dick 24p

Krueger Rev R 9

Krumnfuss Krumfuss Krumfus Krunfus Amanda 34p

Krunfus Dora 35p

Krunfus Emil 35p

Krunfus Esther 12p 22p

Krunfus Harvey 35p

Krunfus Marjorie 22p

Krunfus Martha 12p 22p

Kwasineski Tillie 22p

Ladies Aid Society 12 20 21 22 28

Ladies Guild 39

Ladies in the Evening 23

Lambrecht Rev G 8p

Lambrecht Rev Gotthelf 4

Lamprecht Henrich 34p

Lamprecht Henry 34p

Lamprecht Mildred 7p

Lamprecht, Florence Dieckhoff 4

Lansing MI 36

Leiseberg Johanna 4

Lenschow Elsie 12p

Lesbian 19

LifeLink 25

Limp Dan 35p

LITE 23 29

Lohse Clara 12p

Lowmaster Bob 21p

Lowmaster Carol 20p 21p

Lydon and Associates 39

Madsen Dave 21p

Madsen Nancy 20 21p 29

Make a Difference Campaign 20

Mann Sandy 21p

Mann Tim 35p

Marquis Margaret 12p

McCullom Dolores 23p

Meddy Benice 22p

Memorial Day Service 23 29

Meyer Armin 6

Meyer Karl 6

Meyer Rev 35p

Meyer Rev William 6 10p

Miller Hilda 12p

Monestero Kalli 35p

Montana State University 36

Mundhenke Caroline 34p

Nagel Lucille 12p

Nativity 30p

Neighborsin Need 25

Nesler Edna 12p 22p

Nienkamp Rev R 7 11p

North Illinois Synod 6

Northbrook IL 39

Olriksen Jay 21p

Oltendorf Ludwig 4 28

Oltendorf Mrs Ludwig 4p

One Great Hour of Sharing 20 25

Open and Affirming 19 29

organ 5p 6

Orphan's Home 6

PADS 17 20 25 29

Pagler Anna 22p

parsonage 4 5 6 13 29 29p 30

Peterson Charles Roy 24p

Pilgrim Congregational Church Streamwood IL 14

Plum Grove IL 4 7

Political History of Modern Europe, The 3

Polony Brianne 35p

Public Action to Deliver Shelter 17

Pulpit Committee 16

Quandt Herman 34p

Quandt Manda 34p

Rahlfs Dora 12p 22p

Rahlfs Emily 12p 22p

Rasche Rev F 5 9p

Redemske Don 24p

Reimer Albert 34p

Reimer Helen 35p

Reimer Walter 35p

Reinicke Rev F G 4 8p

Rembowski Arlene 12p 20p 22p

Riemer Rev 18 26

Riemer Rev Donald A 11p 16 17 18 19p 20p 24 25 26 29 35p 37

Riemer Sharon 18p 22p 23 23p 26 29

Rinne Johanna Leiseberg 4

Rinne Karl 4

Robinson Lois Mrs Jack 36p

Robinson Rev Jack Fay 1 36p

Roosevelt University 36

Rucker Rev Paul 11p 13

Rueb Jackie 22p

Ryman Jeanette 21p

Ryman LaVerne 21p 38

Santayana George 1

Schaefer Ida 34p

Schaumburg IL 4 36

Schmitt Chris 21p

Schmitt Mark 21p 24p

Schmitt Rev 15 16

Schmitt Rev Myron 11p 13

Schnathorst Rev F W 10p 34p

school 29p 30

school education building 13

schoolhouse 3 5 6 28

Schrayer Tracy 21p

Schueneman Willie 34p

Schuler Elaine 7p

Schuler Laura 7p

Schultz John 21p

Schultz Lori 21p

Schumm Rev Julius 5 9p

Schunk Renee 21p

Seder service 23

Shnay Andrew 21p

Shnay Brendan 21p

Shnay Sandy 21p

Sleeth Natalie 1

Smith Jay 20p

smoking 17

Snell Rev 4 8p

Sodt Elsie 12p

Sodt Henry 34p

St Charles 36

St John Church Arlington Heights IL 6

St John UCC Bensenville IL 16

St John United Church of Christ Troy OH 13

St John's Church Plum Grove IL 7

St Louis John 21p

St Peter Church, Chicago 4

steeple 3 7

Steinmeyer Esther 35p

Straub Emilie 22p

Streamwood IL 1 13 14 15 16 18 29 36

Sunday School 18 23

Sunderlage August 34p

Sweitzer Robert 34p

Tatge Selma 7p 12p

Thies Clarence 35p

Thomas Rev John 38

Thrun Verdelle 23p

Time Out 24

Todd Suzanne 23p

tornado 3 7 28 30p

Tri-Village United Way 36

Troy OH 13

Trudell Sharon 21p 22p 38

Tyrrel Rev Susan 18

United Christian Church of Streamwood IL 18

United Church Coalition for Lesbian/Gay Concerns 20

United Church Herald 14

United Church of Christ 12 24

University of Chicago 36

University of Chicago Library 36

Velazquez Tony 35p

Venzke Lois 22p 23p

Veterans of the Cross 20 25

Voight Rev A 6 10p

Volkeing Fred W Estate Trust 39

Volkening Adelia 34p

Volkening Caroline 12p 22p

Volkening Carrie 7p 19p 22p

Volkening Emma 12p 34p

Volkening Fred 18 24 24p 29

Volkening Hall 27p 39

Volkening Walter 35p

VonHarz Heinrich 34p

Vosmik Susan 20p

water system 6 28

Waterman Wilhelm 34p

Wendt Martha 34p

Werner Lizzie 22p

Werner Lydia 7p 22p

Wesslehoff Scott 24p

Wilmington MA 36

Witzmann Emil 5

Women's Guild 20 21 22 28

World Day of Prayer 20

Young People's League 7

Youth Group 14

Zager Rosalind 20 29

Zager Roz 20p

Zager Roz 21p

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