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Solomon J. SILKWOOD b. 1830 in Ky. d. 3-23-1883 bur; Reed Cem,
married 8-11-1853 FCI
Jemima Jane MARSHALL b. 3-21-1834 Tn. d. 1-18-1895 bur. Reed Cem
#2--Chamberlain C. HUTSON Jr. (her brother-in-law) mar; 3-16-1884 FCI


1. William Levi "Bill" SILKWOOD b. 1854 mar: Manerva J. WINN
2. Benjamin F. SILKWOOD b. 1857
3. Nancy E. SILKWOOD b. 1850
4. Charles B. SILKWOOD
5, Robert SILKWOOD b. 11-16-1874 d. 6-28-1939
6. Sarah Katherine "Kate" SILKWOOD mar. Lazarus Right GULLEY

Solmon and his wife made their home near the Spring Settlement. this is now
where the town of Rend city stands in Franklin County. Only three of their
children lived to raise a family of their own, Bill, Kate and Robert.

Bill married Manerva Winn, daughter of Jim Winn oof the Spring Settlement.
Bill and his wife settled on a farm at the foot of Grammer Hill, which is
one of the highest points of Franklin County. There they raised a large
family. Amoung those were Etta, married a man named POLLY. Tracie married
a MOYERS and lived in the Mulkeytown area. Quinton, the oldest son was
killed in action at Chateau Thierry . Jim and his family were in the
Gatewood, Missouri area and Thurlow livedin the Bradley Missouri areaand a
sister Grace married a man named KING and lived in Warm Springs, Arkansas.
Another of the daughters married a Roy Wright and lived in Lake City, Il and
Bill lived inthe McGlasson Community in Franklin County.

William Levi SILKWOOD was bornin 1854 and died in June 1922 and on 2-6-1878
he married Manerva J. Winn and she died 1923.


1. Mary Etta SILKWOOD married John Polly 8-9-1903 in FCI.
a. Kenneth
b. Lillian
2. Quentin SILKWOOD died in WW2
3, Anna SILKWOOD married Roy WIRGHT
4. Tracy Elma SILKWOOD married Ed Moyers. He died 1953 and she is 1963
(his parents were Edward Churchhill Moyers and Rebecca P SILKWOOD)
5. Grace SILKWOOD married Bud KING
6. James Solomon SILKWOOD married Olive CULLISON
7. Nellie SILKWOOD married Walter HUFFMAN
8. Thurlow SILKWOOD b. 9-14-1889 and married Jettis Mary DALE on 4-1-1911
and lived in Bradley (RipleyCo) Missouri
1. Sibyl Evalia SIKLWOOD b. 9-26-1912 marr; Ernest V. PRY
a. Thomas Ernest PRY
b. Wavy J. PRY
2. Fay Jewel SILKWOOD b. 2-10-1914 married Joe Hancock
3. Noble Woodrow SILKWOOD b. 12-28-1916 married Olive COLLISON
4. Lillian Marie SILKWOOD b. 6-14-1919 married Clyde SIPES-Douglas
5. Hugh Lindell SILKWOOD b. 1-15-1922 mar; Margaret Vaughn
6. Muriel Elizabeth SILKWOOD b. 2-3-1925 mar; Ben MORGAN--HEMMING
7. Mary Maxine SILKWOOD b. 1929 mar; Dean FICKER
8. Joanna SILKWOOD b. 3-12-1931 mar; Jack BELL
9. William George SILKWOOD d. age 4 mos.
10. Shirley June SILKWOOD b. 9-24-1934 mar; Barnard McDonald

2. Benjamin F. SILKWOOD no information
3. Nancy E. SILKWOOD no information
4. Charles B. SILKWOOD no information
5. Robert SILKWOOD
6. Sarah Catherine SILKWOOD b. 1-16-1865 d. 6-6-1918 bur; Maple Hill
Married 1-22-1879 FCI to Lazarus Right GULLEY He was born 12-23-1853
Jackson Co Tn died; 4-1-1928 Bur; Maple Hill, Sesser, Il. They lost
several children as infants.

1. Daisy GULLEY married Joshua SMITH
a. Flora SMITH married William OVERTURF
b. FLossie SMITH NM
c. Loyd SMITH married Delsa CLANCEY
2. Della GULLEY married Ben F. WInn
a. Kate married Everett LANCE
3. Roy Arbi GULLEY 1887--1945 mar; Mary ALice MARTEL
a. Gearld GULLEY
b. Mary Katherine GULLEY maried Leonard DANIELS
1. Richard DANIELS
2. David DANIELS
3. Linda DANIELS
c. Lida GULLEY married Hershel PYLE
1. Susan PYLE
2. Robert PLYE

D. Ronald GULLEY mar; Lorraine MISEGADES
2. Elaine GULLEY
E. Halbert GULLEY mar; Nadine DAUDERMAN
1. Gearld GULLEY
2. Beth GULLEY
3. William GULLEY
F. Maurine GULLEY married George YARBRO
1. Jane Ellen YARBRO
2. Carole YARBRO
3. Maureen YARBRO
4. George Ann YARBRO
G. Roy GULLEY Jr. married Lina KELLOGG
1. Michael married Sharow HALL
2. Thomas GULLEY married Jane DONOSKY
3. Mary Lou GULLEY married Kenneth PAYNE
4. John GULLEY
5. Joyce GULLEY
4. Roscoe GULLEY married Sadie GILBERT
A. Dean GULLEY married #1 #2 Maaxine
B. Donald GULLEY married Thelma HART
1. Shelba Jean GULLEY
2. Donna GULLEY
C. Max Lee GULLEY married Kathryn VENELL
1. Michael GULLEY
2. Patrick GULLEY
D. Robert GULLEY married Barbara (A native of Canada)
1. Chris GULLEY
2. Cara GULLEY
5. ALice GULLEY married Monroe McMILLAN
A. Roy McMILLAN (ADopted)
B. Mildren McMILLAN (Adopted)
6. Golda GULLEY married Charley TEFFERTILLER
7. Robert GULLEY married Clara ?

I also have the following SILKWOOD children listed but do not kno whothey
belong to;
(I reallly think that they belong to Robert SILKWOOD)

Mary SILKWOOD b. 1-26-1909 married #1 FORNEAR #2 Curtis DARR
Mima SILKWOOD b. 12-25-1911 married HAMMONDS
Judith SILKWOOD b. 1-7-1914 married WHITE
Freda SILKWOOD b. 10-20- married BOYD
Nellie SILKWOOD b. 5-6-1919

Any help with this family will appreciated. I have several blakns to fill
in, so if you can help, let me knoe

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