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From: Sheila Cadwalader <>
Subject: Early Marriages - FCI
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:40:58 -0500

Hi FCI Listers,

As you know, there really was a fire in the Franklin County Clerk's
Office that destroyed the earliest court records. A special commission
was appointed to restore these missing records. Most people did
re-register their land deeds but only a few re-registered their marriages.

A couple of years ago, we attempted to compile some of the early
marriages from private information donated by people on this FCI List.
The list below is info from private individuals, pension records,
divorce records & marriage records. I hope this comes through unjumbled.

Early Marriages – _**_Franklin_**_ _**_County_**_, IL Residents_*

00 000 1796 Francis Jordan Mary Ann Browning Lincoln County, KY

01 Sep 1810 John Carney Elizabeth ______ Rockingham County, NC

01 Dec 1812 Thomas Lampley Kesiah Whiteside Warren County, KY

04 Mar 1813 John Chaplin Mary _____ Rowan County, N.C.

04 Mar 1813 William Chaplain Mary Rowan County, NC

07 Nov 1813 James Jordan Prudence Whitesides Warren County, KY

18 Mar 1817 Levi Summers Louisa Hatchett Sumner County, TN – 1^st M

19 Sep 1819 William H Eubank Sarah Odle John Conger, JP

00 Dec 1819 John Taylor Syntha M Webb Chester Carpenter, MG

08 Jan 1820 Levi Summers Polly Price Sumner County, TN – 2^nd M

22 Mar 1820 George P Bowyer Polly Harrel Mason Crawford, JP

00 Jun 1820. James LIPSEY Esther ____ Madison County, AL

11 Jul 1820 Simon M Hubbard Nancy Hill Isaac Herring, MG

14 Dec 1820 John Plasters Katherine McLain Mason Crawford, JP

01 Aug 1822 Joseph R Moore Polly Carr Nathan Clampet, CC

12 Nov 1822 Henry Yost Lydia E Roberts Rev Porter

06 May 1823 George McReary Elizabeth Harrell Mason Crawford, JP

31 Jul 1823 Robert Taylor Peggy An Webb Chester Carpenter, MG

11 Apr 1824 John Dillon Hannah Eubank John Crawford, JP

26 Sep 1824 Moses Neal Priscilla Smothers Wilson Rea, CC

20 Jun 1825 James Berry Charotte Nangle Simon M Hubard, JP

1826/1827 Martin Wooley Nancy Neal Wilson Rea, JP

11 Jan 1827 Abraham Rea Delila Neal John P Maddox, JP

08 Apr 1827 Calvin Jones Patsey Browning Lemuel R Harrison, JP

25 Oct 1827 Elisha Ewing Nancy Smith John Maddox, JP

24 Jul 1828 Augustus Adams Mary Whittington Braxton Parrish, MG

20 Dec 1828 John R Williams Sarah Adams Isaac Dillon, JP

28 Jan 1829 Robert Page Barsheba Smith Robert Moore, MG

15/20 Mar 1829 John McLain Malinda Smith James Akin, JP

13 Dec 1829 Charles Miller Harriet Rice (blank)

04 Mar 1830 Archibald McDaniel Harretta Hutson George P Bowyer, JP

15 Mar 1830 John S King Elizabeth Browning L R Harrison, JP

20 Mar 1830 John Summers Elizabeth Larken Braxton Parrish, MG

30 Aug 1830 Achillis D Dollins Priscilla Estes Braxton Parrish, MG

04 Sep 1830 James A McLain Lydia Smith James Akin, JP

17 Sep 1830 John Tucker Elizabeth Rea Lemuel R Harrison, JP

22 Feb 1831 James M Dollins Elizabeth T Moore Braxton Parrish, MG

17 Jul 1831 John Edgerly Joisy Hagler Isaac Dillon, JP

05 Aug 1831 William B Dillon Margaret Eubanks William Gholson, MG

01 Aug 1832 Aaron Neal Elizabeth Clampet William Gholson, MG

12 Sep 1832 Harvey W Swofford Nancy Murphy Dempsey Odom, CC

12 Dec 1832 Walter S Akin Elizabeth An Lampley James Akin, JP

00 Mar 1833 George W Eubanks Amelia Sandusky Lemuel R Harrison, JP

13 Sep 1833 Edward T Webb Mary Stilley John Manis, MG

21 Nov 1833 James Browning Awrny Rea L R Harrison, JP

19 Dec 1833 William M Akin Catherine Smith William Gholson, MG

09 Feb 1834 George W Akin Sarah Crouch George P Bowyer, JP

03 Jul 1834 James Ward Elizabeth Robinson Chester Carpenter, MG

18 Jul 1834 William Robinson, Jr Levisa Ward Chester Carpenter, MG

23 Apr 1835 Jacob Philips Nancy Akin John Manis, MG

00 Oct 1835 Lazarus Webb Sally Phillips John Manis, MG

2 Oct 1835 Parker F Adkins Emily B Humphreys Lewis T Culley, JP

24 Oct 1835 Thomas Hale Mary An Harriosn Sterling Hill, JP

19 Nov 1835 John Schrivner ? Elizabeth Crane Wm Norris, JP

13 Dec 1835 John Prichet Nancy Corder Wm Norris, JP

13 Dec 1835 Thomas Cox Elizabeth Powel Wm Norris, JP

05 ___1836 ? John Smith Dolly Foster James Adams ?

04 Jan 1836 John R Stewart Nancy Mitchell Wm Taylor, JP

27 Jan 1836 Sterling Whitlock Silvany ? Estas David Norman, JP

04 Feb 1836 James Cillsell ? Am Swainer ? Welden Manion, JP

08 Mar 1836 Elias West ? Nancy Eaton John Shadowings

31 Mar 1836 Adam Clem ? Julia Ann Neal Welden Manion, JP

03 Apr 1836 Isaac Groves Nancy Holms? David Norman, JP

28 Apr 1836 William Choat Melissa Damon David Norman, JP

26 May 1836 Thomas Hall Mary Glover Weldon Manion, JP

18 Nov 1837 Henry J Sulser Margaret Hempleman FCI

22 Oct 1838 Leroy S. Harrison Matilda A. Kirkpatrick FCI

16 Jul 1839 Chester C Taylor Cincinnati Cowley John Clark, JP

26 Jul 1836 Thomas Fisher Eliza ? Roberson Srerlin Hill, JP

09 Aug 1836 Martin Lawnes Mahaly Phillips James Akins, JP

19 Aug 1836 Joel Scribner Lucy Clark James Akin, JP

29 Aug 1836 Jesse Cox Nancy Spiller W Norris, JP

11 Sep 1836 Drury ? Fites Mary Hunter Elijah Spiller, JP

22 Sep 1836 A P Corder Serena Adams L T Culley, JP

26 Sep 1836 John Polk Sarah Rea L T Culley, JP

29 Sep 1836 John Simpson Winney Ellede John Maddon, JP

05 Oct 1837 William Riley Browning Lydia Dry Perry County, IL

07 Mar 1838 Walter Scott Akin Sarah Jane Hartin Gibson County, IN

20 Oct 1838 Edward Kirkpatrick Amy Silkwood Stroud FCI

1839 Allen Webb Mary Jane Moore Perry County, IL

15 Jul 1839 Elijah H Morris Evaline (Crawford ?) FCI

184_ James Berry Martha

08 Apr 1840 Henry N Harrison Mary Ann Hampton FCI

08 Apr 1840 Henry N. Harrison Mary Ann Hampton Unknown Location

17 Sep 1841 Joseph Browning Katharine Akin Thomas M Vance, MG

11 Nov 1841 Jackson McGlasson Matilda Ann Kirkpatrick FCI

21 Jan 1842 Wilson A Rea Margaret E Hanna Unknown Location

23 Feb 1842 James Neal Charlotte Walters Unknown Location

27 Feb 1842 Robert A D Wilbanks Madeline Arington Jefferson County, IL

01 Apr 1842 Daniel Ward Susannah Caudle Unknown Location

10 May 1842 Willis Eubanks Sarah Hamons William H Eubanks, JP

00 Jun 1842 William O Espy Luany Kindall John Kirkpatrick, JP

06 Aug 1842 John Lewis Melvina Sandusky Elisha H Eubanks, JP

06 Nov 1842 Joseph Moore “Sarah” Kizziah NEAL Noble ANDERSON, MG

28 May 1843 George W Jones Polly Eubanks Eld. Robert Moore

15 Sep 1844 John Stephenson Margaret

19 Feb 1844 William T. Kirkpatrick Susannah ___ Randolph County, IL

11 Sep 1845 Jonathon Browning Rebecca Williams FCI

21 Nay 1845 Robert Jewart Susannah Watterson FCI

26 Nov 1845 Thomas Moore Arilla Rea FCI

02 Oct 1845 A J G Johnson Eliza Walker J Kirkpatrick, JP

21 Oct 1845 Joseph Manis Matilda Hall Elijah T Webb, JP

11 Jun 1846 Prettyman M Muse Camelia Ann Mulkey FCI

28 Oct 1846 William C Mathews Sarah ______

1846 David Rawlings Susannah Richey FCI

Mar 1846 Jonathon Burlison Elizabeth F _____ Hamilton County, IL

20 Jun 1847 John S Brown Elizabeth Brookshir Coffee County, TN

01 Mar 1847 John Nangle Jane Payne FCI

1847 William L Baker Nancy Baker FCI

09 Aug 1848 John Bennett Mary Long FCI

09 Jan 1848 James Whittington Fanny Swofford FCI

00 Jan 1848 William B Webb Louisa Ramsey Jackson County, TN

1848 George W Burlison Eliza Summers FCI

27 Dec 1848 Willis Jones Permelia Ann Sandusky FCI

15 Feb 1849 Mintry C Murry Charlotte Pearson FCI

02 Jan 1849 Griffin Tennison Sarah Moore FCI

02 Jan 1849 Berry Farmer Wilkinson Eleanor Davis FCI

Ichabod Higgins Jane Williamson County, IL

10 Sep 1849 Jesse Monday Lydia St Clair County, IL

19 Sep 1850 Daniel Clayton Elizabeth Woolsey FCI

28 Jun 1850 Levi Summers Mary Dillingham Saline County, IL -3^rd M

04 Aug 1854 John Miller Elizabeth Sims Saline County, IL

01 May 1864 Samuel Smith Emeline Hay Madison County, IL

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