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Subject: [ILHAMILT-L] SHIRLEY of Hamilton & Franklin Counties
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 21:19:44 -0400


Tilman ShirleyEliza McClain27 Nov 1850

Moses ShirleyMilly McLain10 Mar 1853

James ShirleyMargaret Ross26 Oct 1876

Tilmon ShirleySarah E Cockrum04 Feb 1875

039.0928 Oct 1880
John Wilburn ShirleyNancy E Perry
21/1 Hamilton County20/1 Hamilton County
Moses ShirleyMilton C Perry
Millie McLeanParzada Darnell

073.0909 Feb 1883
John J ShirleyMartha A Pinkston Avery
23/1 Franklin County25/3 TN
James ShirleyElijah Pinkston
Anna WebbEmily Uptongrove

074.0709 Mar 1883
John J ShirleyMartha A Pinkston Avery
22/1 Franklin County25/3 TN
James ShirleyElijah Pinkston
Anna WebbEmily Uptongrove

083.0430 Sep1883
Willaim R ShirleyGeorge A (Georgia ?) Barnhart
22/1 TN15/1 R-Franklin County
James ShirleyGeo Barnhart
Anna Webb______ Goodnar/Goodman

084.0425 Oct 1883
Jarvis Jefferson ShirleySarah Irby
21/1 Hamilton County16/1 Hamilton County
Reuben ShirleyJames D Irby
Martha AndersonOlive Hogan

093.0317 May 1884
William PhillipsElizabeth E Shirley
38/2 Prussia21/1 TN
Peter PhillipsJames Shirley
Minnie PebblerAnna Webb

119.1013 May 1886
John McPhersonFlorence L Shirley
33/1 OH17/1 R- Hamilton County
Matthis McPhersonJames Shirley
R J GriffinMartha Grant

176.0515 May 1890
William L GibbsNaomi Shirley
20/1 Hamilton County15/1 Jefferson County
Levi GibbsTilmon Shirley
Mary J GriffinSarah E Cockrum

201.0111 Feb 1892
Charley ShirleyMaranda Shaw
19/1 Hamilton County20/1 Franklin County
Moses ShirleyJohn T/L/F Shaw
Nina BoydEmeline Hatchett


Martin SimsPolly Shearley26 Sep 1820
(White County, IL Marriage)

John ShirleyRosannah Moore01 Feb 1824

John HallNancy Shirley01 Sep 1824
(d/o Moses Shirley)

Leroy PerryMargaret "Peggy" Shirley28 Nov 1826
(d/o Nimrod Shirley)

Alfred MooreElizabeth Shirley12 Jun 1828
(d/o Moses Shirley)

Philllip AdairLeana Shirley02 Oct 1829
(d/o Nimrod Shirley)

Henry IrvinMilly Shirley17 Dec 1829
(d/o Moses Shirley)

Milton CoxSally Shirley22 Dec 1833
(d/o M Shirley)

James R ScribnerSally Shirley24 Nov 1836
(d/o Nimrod Shirley)

John LaneEliza Shirley09 Dec 1838

Russell Shirley (Sherly)Gincy Ann Allen21 Jan 1838
(d/o Josiah Allen)

Rubin (Reuben) ShirleyMartha Anderson13 Dec 1838

John L GibbsMrs Eleanor Jane Shirley 07 Nov 1850
d/o T J DeWitt)

John B StandeferElizabeth Shirley (Sherley)16 Jan 1851
(s/o Job Standefer)

Jarvis Jefferson WilliamsElizabeth Shirley03 Dec 1858

Benjamin SmithElizabeth E Shirley24 Jan 1860

Garrett TrammelHester Shirley30 Jun 1860
(affadavit from Moses Shirley)
(d/o Reuben & Martha)

John W GrayNancy Sherly18 Nov 1860
(s/o L J Gray)(A J Boster, guardian of Nancy)

Goldman L LovanSarah W Shirley05 May 1868

Moses ShirleyDicy Pernina Boyd05 Aug 1870


Pg. 25List of early businessmen: Rube Shirley - Blacksmith

Pg. 23Moses Shirley, Douglas Kelly and Orley Sullivan each ran
shops in Macedonia at one time.

Pg. 35Ten Mile Church was formed by members of the Bankston Fork
Church of
Gallatin County, IL. The following brethern and sisters were
dismissed to
form the new congregation: Moses Shirley, Samuel Vance, Delia Boyd,
Susanna Moore, Nancy Shirley, Lucy Vance, Andrew Boyd, Susanny
Tarleton and Polly Moore.


1876-07 Carpenter, Milton, Heirs of: McLeansboro TimesSupplement,
26 Apr 1876:
Tilmon Shirley, guardian of Fanny Carpenter and Kate Carpenter, minor
children of
Milton Carpenter, Public Notice of Sale of Real Estate. (Illinois
Blue Book ,1925-1926;
Milton Carpenter who was State Treasurer, 1841-1848, died 1848) (
Hamilton County
Marriage # 1756: Milton Carpenter = Rebecca Lasater, 16 Jun 1858)
(Note: Marriage
record is for Milton Carpenter, Jr)

1877-27 Moore, Alfred; Golden Era, 16 Mar 1877, Administrator Wm
C Moore,
Public Notice of Sale.

1877-28 Moore, Elizabeth (Shirley); Golden Era, 16 Mar 1877,
Wm C Moore, Notice.
(Hamilton County marriage #98: Alfred Moore = Elizabeth Shirley, 02 Dec
daughter of Moses Shirley).

1879-01C Carpenter, Milton; McLeansboro Times, 10 May 1879;
guardian Tilmen
Shirley, Public Notice of Guardian's Sale; minor heirs of Milton
Carpenter; Fanny and
Kate Carpenter.

1911-44B Shirley, Catharine Johanna McPherson; Dahlgren Echo, 24
Aug 1911,
b. 011 May 1846, Northumberland County, PA; d. 17 Aug 19111; d/o
John &
Elizabeth McPherson. Came to Hamilton County as a young woman. Married
Shirley, 17 Oct 1878 - he d. 17 May 1905. Leaves 2 brothers; 1
sister: Mrs. Mary Jones,
Parkersburg, Iowa. Interred Richmond Hill.

1914-29A Johnson, Nellie May Gibbs; Dahlgren Echo, 23 Jul 1914; b.
21 May 1893;
d. 17 Jul 1914; d/o W L & Naomi (Shirley) Gibbs. Married Lora Johnson,
30 May 1913;
1 child, d.

1914-53 Standefer, John B; Times, 03 Sep 1914; b. 24 Dec 1830,
Hamilton County;
d. 01 Sep 1914, home of daughter, Mrs. H L Maulding. Married Elizabeth
Shirley, 1850-
she d. 1864; 6 children, 3 d: Wilburn, Ruben & Frank; 3 children
survive: Job, Ham &
Amanda. Married Nancy Dailey, 1865- she d. 1884; 8 children: Robert,
Edward, Ebington, Charlie, Bettie, Trap (names only 7). Married Nancy
Myers, 1885-
she d. 1888. Married Hattie O'Neal, 1890- she d. 1902. Interred
Blooming Grove.

1916-228 Estes, Thomas Jordan; Times, o7 Sep 1916; b. 05 Aug
1874; d. 01 Sep
1916, at Anna; s/o W M & Elizabeth (Shirley Williams) Estes. Leaves
father, 1 brother,
1 sister, 1 half brother, 1 half sister, mother, 2 sisters.
(Hamilton County Marriage #1778 Jarvis J Williams = Elizabeth Shirley
03 Dec 1858)
(Hamilton County Marriage #3113 William Estes = Mrs. Elizabeth
Williams 26 Sep

1920-45 Harrelson, Nancy Harriett Moore; Times, 11 Mar 1920; b. 16
Apr 1844; d.
26 Feb 1920; d/o Alfred & Elizabeth (Shirley) Moore. Married Jasper
Harrelson, 10 Oct
1860; 8 children, 4 d., 4 children survive: Laura, wife of E A Mangis;
Dellie, wife of L
B Dewitt; George Harrelson; Ethel Harrelson. Raised grandchildren:
Gertie, wife of
John A Lockwood; Egbert, Daisy & Everett Graham. Interred Antioch.

1920-96A Standefer, Job; Dahlgren Echo, 09 Sep 1920; b. 15 Dec
1851; d. 04 Sep
1920; s/o John B & Elizabeth (Shirley) Standerfer- she d. 1864.
Married Rebecca
Trotter, 07 Sep 1869; 7 children, 4 d., Leaves wife: 3 children:
Laura Bolerjack,
Morehouse, MO; Kelly Standerfer, Dexter, MO; Clarence Standerfer, at
home; 1 sister:
Betty Dale, Centralia; 6 half brothers: Robert, Delafield; Marshall,
Dahlgren; Trap,
Dahlgren; Charley, Chicago; eb, FL; & ED, up north; 1 full brother is
d: Elder Wilburn
Standefer d. near Ewing. Interred at Blooming Grove.

1925-106 Sapp, Mary Katherine Johnson; Times, 19 Feb 1925; b. 03
May 1850, near
Nashville, TN; d. 11 Feb 1925; d/o Mr and Mrs J H Johnson. Married
William Stratford
Sapp , 28 Feb 1871 (Hamilton County Marriage #2925 William Stratford =
Katharine Johnson, 25 Feb 1868) ; 111 children, 5 d.; John Harvey
Sapp, William
Newton Sapp, Nora Thompson, Laura Mae Shirley & Maggie Canada, all d. 6
Mary Rollison, Peach Orchard, AR; Della Sapp; Oscar Sapp; Cora
Shirley; Ethel
Wilson, Los Angelos, CA; Eliza Draper, East St Louis. Funeral at Belle
City; interred at
Cherry Grove.

1926-23 Craddock, Ollie Shirley; Times, 06 May 1926; b. 25 Sep
1844 (1884 from
1972-156); d. 26 Apr 1926; d/o Jefferson (& Sarah Irby-from 1972-156)
(Golden Wedding Celebration 1933-117). Married William Craddock, 08 Oct
1908; 1
child-Sarah. Leaves child, 2 sisters: Cora Lampley & Sophia Overturf.
2 Brothers: Oris
& Olan Shirley. Interred Little Springs.

1926-42 Estes, William; Times, 118 Mar 19226; b. 19 Mar 1847, near
Belle Prairie;
d. 26 Feb 1926, home of daughter in Belle Prairie; s/o William &
(Warfield-from Hamilton County Marriage #516, 04 Mar 1841) Estes.
Married Mrs.
Elizabeth Shirley, Sep 1868, she d. 8 Jun 1906; 5 children, Thomas,
Martha E & Pearl ,
all d.; 2 children survive: Nimrod Estes & Laura J Graddy. Father
served in Mexican
War & came from TN to homestead. Leaves also 1 sister: Mrs. Thomas J
Barbee, Belle
Rive: 1 step-son: J W Williams. Interred Crouch Cemetery.

1930-42 Harper, Sarah Elizabeth Moore; Times, 28 Aug 1930; b. 07
Sep 1848,
Hamilton County; d. 23 Aug 1930, home of daughter, Mrs. Chas. Chelf,
East St Louis:
d/o Alfred & Elizabeth Sherley Moore. Married A T Harper, Oct 1887: 1
child, Amy
Chelf. Leaves daughter, 1 grandchild: Sarah Lou Chelf; 4 step-sons:
Robert Harper,
McLeansboro; Marshall Harper, McLeansboro; Walter Harper, Evansville,
Augustus D Harper, West Frankfort. She was the last of 8 children.
Interred at Ten Mile.

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