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Subject: October 11, 1920 Murphysboro Daily Independent
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 21:43:52 -0500

NOTE: The first story that appears from his paper is regarding my family. The young girl that died was my cousin and the "tot companion" mentioned in the story that was playing in the back yard with her at the time of the accident was my mother MARY ELLA CAGLE NOLAN RISELING.

Pruella Elizabeth Jones, the Only Child, Fatally Burned At Play Sunday, With Broken Toy
Flare Fired Skirts; Child Fled, Frantic
Returned to Rear Porch Screaming; Mother's Hands Cooked in Frantic Effort To Save Little One - Victims Lips Utter Prayer Before State of Come Sets In-Rites Tuesday
Pretty Pruella Elizabeth JONES, golden haired fairy girl whose bright being enriched the lives of those who begot her, William H. JONES and nee Minnie RICHARDSON, 626 North 11th street, was fatally burned at the home at 3:45 p.m. Sunday. It was 1:30 o'clock a.m. of another day when her life passed.
The Fatal Broken Toy. Pruella Elizabeth had a celluloid toy. She was only 6, you know, and like other little girls, had her playthings. But it was broken and she had a tot companion decided to burn it. The combustable was held below her waist-line, too near her pretty skirks when the flaring match touched it. The plaything burned with a hiss, spurting fire as celluloid will. The skirts ignited. The child ran afraid.
Clear from the rear porch to the rear fence she ran. The wind resistance fanned the smoldering skirts to a blaze. Fright became terror. Aflame, she turned at the rear fence and ran frantically, screaming, back to the porch where she fell on the floor, spent, all but dead.
The Little One's Prayer. Alarmed by the screams the mother dashed from the house and found the child. She dashed a bucket of water over her. Next she wrapped her in a quilt. The mother's fingers had become shreds of burned flesh, the burns unheeded. Her hands and forearms were seared, the arms half way to the elbow. Dry sobs in her throat, the mother, having done all she could, mothered the child while the doctor came. He looked and shook his head.
Consciousness remained with the little one until 5:30 p.m. She recalled the hour in Sunday school at the Christian church that morning and how the lesson read for little boys and girls. Her pretty lips muttered a prayer that mamma might live a long time. And she, too, wanted to live.
Then, as darkenss approached, Pruella closed her eyes and entered into a state of coma, painless, fearless, silent-on the way to the Land of Never Die. The angel of record wrote "Pruella Elizabeth Jones" and it was half after One on the Eve Watch of another beautiful October day.
Their Only Little GIrl. As the afternoon waned Murphysboro heard of the tragedy. The day, pretty as it was, was spoiled for hundreds who knew and esteemed the parents. There knew Pruella was the only child, and conceived a degree of the parents' sorrow.
Pruella Elizabeth JONES was born September 11, 1914, when the couple lived on Walnut street. She was 6 years and 1 month old. Mr. Jones, local cashier of the American Express Co., married Minnie RICHARDSON, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin RICHARDSON, now of Chester, ten years ago. Their first born entered the fourth year of their wedlock as the marvel chapter in their book of happiness. The chid was in the first grade, Logan school, Mrs. Maude RUST, teacher-just a little A B C girl.
The mother continued in a state of near prostration Monday morning. Her burns had been attended to, at least temporarily. It was believed so serious are these, that splints would have to be used. Persons in the home, relatives and friends congregated there during the night, more than once they have turned away when the mother, with her hands useless, sought to fondle the child's face which except for the burn on the chin, was untouched by the fire. Below, however, down the body and limbs to the line of the skirt rim the flesh was seared.
Funeral Rites Tuesday. Bertha CAGLE of Chester was with Mrs. Jones when the tragedy was enacted. Mrs. S. R. PLANT, the father's sister, is there. Mrs. Plant believes that had the child made an outcry the instant the burning toy ignited her clothing she could have been saved. She thinks the little one, having been warned about fire, first ran away from the porch with the momentary thought of hiding her scorched clothing.
Calvin RICHARDSON, Mrs. Jones' father, employed at the penitentiary at Menard, arrived here on a freight train late Sunday. A Chester jitney man had demanded $25 to drive him here. James BOULTON, uncle of the mother, and Mrs. Boulton of Boulton Springs are at the home. Mr. & Mrs. Hugh BRADLEY arrived late yesterday afternoon from Carbondale. He is Mrs. Jones' brother-in-law. Mr. & Mrs. Ed ROACH of Carbondale are also present. George JONES, of St. Louis, brother of the grieving father, was to arrive today.
Funeral rites will be conducted Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. at the Christian church, Elder L. A. CHAPMAN officiating. The body will be buried out in Tower Grove cemetery where the late roses are blooming-a flower among flowers.
The community prayer is this: That's God's everlasting promise in His pledge, "Suffer the little ones to come unto me" may stint the parents sorrow with a balm that cures.

Lena Hunziker Dreaded Diphtheria Victim
Patient Died at 1 a.m. of Aggravated Case of Disease-Her Condition Also Tubercular-Private Funeral Tuesday
Lena HUNZIKER, 11 year old, daughter of Fred HUNZIKER, and beloved like a daughter by Mrs. David WEATHERS, with whom she lived at 1826 Elm Street, died of diphtheria at that address at 4 o'clock Monday morning. The case was an aggravated one probably because of lack of adequate professional attention in time, with the added superinduction of a tubercular condition.
The little one had been ill but one week. The case is one of several which have been reported in Murphysboro-one of the worst. It was hinted some days ago that there is a diphtheria case or two not reported to the city hall.
The funeral will be conducted at 10 a.m. Tuesday. It was necessarily private. Burial at Poplar Ridge.

Negro Clothing Thief Captured
Rastus Doowell of Cairo Did Not Do Well at His Burglary Venture at Sauter's-Prisoner Taken When Box Breaks
Rastus DOOWELL, old Cairo negro, descrepit with disease, a cripple who appears to barely drag along, didn't do well when he stole four suits, two overcoats and several pairs of trousers from the George SAUTER tailoring and cleaning shop on North 10th street Friday night.
Mose SLAUGHTER, colored, happened to see Doowell leave the vicinity of the Sauter establishedment dragging a sack. He reported it. Sheriff's notified police of the suspect. Doowell slept in the city barn Saturday night. Police or sheriff's could not find the goods and continued to watch the old negro.
The stolen goods were recovered at the I.C. passenger depot early Sunday afternoon. Doowell had boxed his swag and had it carted to the depot for shipment to Cairo. The box was frail. It broke in when a man who was talking to Police Chief O. T. CAYWOOD sat down on it. Caywood investigated and the negro's arrest followed. Clothing belonging to the state's attorney GLENN, to W. H. OZBURN, John ROLLO, Engineer Henry ROBERTS and others was returned to Sauter's. The proprietor is thankful.
Doowell claimed he bought the goods from church ladies who had conducted a remnant sale and told of another box of goods. These were recovered. They were truly remnants. Among other things contained was a pair of Deputy Sheriff Jim REEDER's trousers. Doowell, it is admitted, was death on upper and lower garments of public officials.

Miss Bess Rendleman A Bride
Harry STAFFORD, Illinois Central engine foreman at Carbondale, and Miss Bess RENDLEMAN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jerome S. RENDLEMAN of Carbondale were married Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock at the home of Rev. J. T. BROOKS of that city. The newlyweds left Monday for Cuba, where they will spend their honeymoon. On the return trip, they will stop at Key Kest, Miami and Jacksonville, Fla. They will also visit Birmingham, Ala. They will be gone three weeks or a month.
Mr. & Mrs. Stafford will live in Carbondale on Illinois avenue.
Miss Rendleman was second deputy county clerk under the J. W. BROWN regime and has many friends in Murphysboro who wish the couple many happinesses.

The American Legion
A meeting will be held at the City Hall at 7:00 o'clock sharp this evening of the Paul Stout Post for the purpose of making final arrangements for the funeral of Comrade Will RICHARDS. It is necessary that all members of the Post and ex-service men in general attend. David B. LEVY, Commander.

Administrator's Sale of Real Estate
By virtue of an order and decree of the County Court of Jackson County, Illinois, made on the petition of the undersigned, administrator of the estate of John B. TURPIN, deceased, for leave to sell the real estate of said deceased, at the October Term, A.D. 1920 of said Court to wit: I shall on the 6th day of November, 1920, at 11 o'clock a.m. sell at Public Sale at the east door of the Court House in Murphysboro, Illinois, in said county, the real estate described as follows, to wit: The undivided one half interest in Lot Eleven in O. E. Clipner's Sub-division of Outlot No. 103 in the City of Murphysboro, Ill., on the following terms to wit: Cash in hand. Dated this 4th day of October, 1920. Christina H. TURPIN, Administratrix of the Estate of John B. TURPIN, Deceased. Fred G. BIERER, Attorney for Estate.

N. F. PAUL and Mrs. Elizabeth PUGH were quietly married in South Bend, Ind., Saturday, Oct. 9. She is well and favorably known here, having made her home for several years with her uncle and aunt, Mr. & Mrs. James H. DAVIES, of North 14th street. Until recently she was employed by the Murphysboro Telephone Co. Mr. Paul is the son of Mr. & Mrs. L. F. PAUL of North 15th street. He is employed at present in an automobile factory in South Bend, where they will make their home.

Fisherman With Gun Shoots Off A Finger
Frank COWELL, of Poplar Ridge, nine miles southwest of Murphysboro, shot the little finger off his left hand Sunday afternoon while fishing. Mr. Cowell was operated on Monday morning. Cowell was on the bank of the river and had his shot gun across his knee. He started to pull his fish net to the bank and lifted the shot gun from his knee and accidentally discharged it. His little finger when the way the charge went. The shot lacerated part of the hand above the knuckle.

James M. Miles, The Former Local Banker Pleads Not Guilty
Carbondale Free Press: James M. MILES, charged with embezzlement while vice president of the Standard Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago, entered a plea of not guilty before the court in Chicago this week. Miles was formerly connected with the Carbondale National Bank before it was named the Carbondale National. Several months ago Miles is alleged to have taken securities from his bank, got money on them and used the money on the board of trade. His shortage is said to be near $200,000. Shortly after the bank discovered its losses Miles disappeared for seven months, finally returning to Chicago.

Mrs. M. F. Penrod Under The Knife
Mrs. M. F. PENROD of Logan street, was taken to St. Andrew's hospital Saturday where she underwent an operation. She will remain there for a few days. Her condition was satisfactory Monday.

Pauline Steinle Ellis Hospital Typhoid Patient
Mrs. Pauline Steinle ELLIS, wife of Dr. Kent ELLIS, is a typhoid patient in St. Andrew's hospital. Mrs. Ellis was removed to the hospital Sunday from the couple's apartment at the Frank RADDLE home at Walnut and 19th streets. Mrs. Ellis was taken ill with a chill last Wednesday night. A blood test conducted at St. Andrew's hospital proved the complaint to be typhoid. The patient was feeling some improved Monday morning. Her fever lowers in daytime and rises at night, having mounted to 104 degrees at times. The couple was married only a short time ago.

Four Injured By Explosion In Local Mine
West Frankfort American: Four persons were injured, one of them seriously, in an explosion at Peobody mine 18 around 3:30 o'clock Friday afternoon. Shortly thereafter Mack ELDERS, superintendent of Mine 19, who went down to investigate before the rescue team came from Benton, was slightly burned and came out with a flesh blister as the only damage done to him.
The explosion occurred in the northern part of the mine and the men, with the exception of those who worked in the immediate vicinity of where the accident occurred, did not know of it until they came out to go home.
The worse injured is Frank RACKOCLE, 17, a trapper, who is in serious condition. The others burned and under treatment at the hospital are: Louis GHERAMBI, Jim YOUNG and Ed GOOD. The three last named are not thought to be in any danger.

Marriage Licenses
Harry Stafford, Carbondale, age 37; Bess Rendleman, Carbondale, age 36

Mrs. Wilson CARTER is ill at her home in Mt. Carbon.
Mrs. Jeff UNDERWOOD is sick at her home in Mt. Carbon.
Mrs. C. O. MOLZ of North street spent Monday in St. Louis visiting friends.
Martin FERRICK of St. Louis is spending a few days here visiting friends.
Henry BUTCHER of Hortense street is quite ill at his home, he is suffering from a cancer on his hand.
John PEEB of Oakdale, Ill.,, who has spent the past few days here visiting Robert DIXON of Elm St., returned home Monday.
Louis VACCARO of Johnston City underwent an operation at St. Andrew's hospital for appendicitis. He was getting along nicely Monday.
Mrs. H. L. FARRAR, and sons of Walnut street returned home Monday afternoon after spending the week end in Marion visiting her mother, Mrs. W. C. COBLER
Mrs. Wm. BORGSMILLER of 23rd street and her mother, Mrs. A. M. JENNINGS of Finney went to St. Louis Monday to spend a few days visting relatives and friends.
Mr. & Mrs. James DUNCAN of Christopher spend Sunday here visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. I. D. BORDON, of Wall street. Mr. Duncan returned to Christopher Monday. Mrs. Duncan will remain here a few days.
J. BUSCH of Decatur, Ill., is enjoying a visit here the guest of his mother, Mrs. Catherine BUSCH, of North street. Mrs. Elizabeth SUMMERS of Detroit, Mich., was expected here late Monday afternoon. She is a daughter of Mrs. Busch.
Mrs. Martha ROBINSON of Ninth Street and granddaughter, Miss Nola WIRSCHEM of North 11th street went to St. Elmo Sunday to be gone for a few days. Mrs. Robinson will consult the specialist there.

All Around the Town
Doc FOSTER of Carbondale spent a few hours here Sunday on pleasure.
"Doc" SNYDER of Carterville spent the week-end here visiting friends.
F. W. EAGLE returned here Monday morning, after spending the week-end in Anna visiting relatives.
J. P. CHAMBERLAIN of North street went to West Frankfort Monday to spend the day on business.

J. J. HARPER of Division street spent Saturday in St. Louis transacting business.
Mrs. Ora LITTLELY of East St. Louis was a pleasure visitor here over Sunday the guest of friends.
Mrs. LAURENCE MILEUR of Walnut street sent to St. Louis Sunday to spend a few days on pleasure.
Miss Emma SNYDER of Campbell Hill is enjoying a visit here the guest of relatives and friends.
Miss Edna WHITE of Menard spent Sunday here visiting Mrs. Carl HARDY and Miss Blanche HRABIK.

Miss Ruby FARLEY of Logan street went to Galatia, Ill., Saturday to be the guest of Miss Leona SOMERS. She will be gone until Friday of this week.
Arthur SCHMIDGALL of Walnut street went to St. Louis Saturday to spend the week end visiting friends.
Mrs. L. GALE of Gorham returned home Saturday after spending the morning here on business.
Miss Jewel UNDERWOOD of WIllisville passed through here Monday en route home, after having visited with friends in Johnston City.
Sam HOWELL of DuQuoin spent the week end here visiting his mother, Mrs. W. E. HOWELL, of Lucier street.

Misses Marie and Elizabeth DANNER, Aurora FOX, Alice BENEMAN, Cecil TYGETT, and Edith LAWS, all of this city, went to Carbondale Sunday and spent a few hours on pleasure.
Mrs. George CARTER of Centralia arrived here Saturday to spend a few days visiting her mother, Mrs. Jennie SHADRON of Rover street.
Mrs. June BENCINI of Royalton passed through here Monday en route to East St. Louis to visit relatives and friends.
Miss Bess SORRELLS of Granite City, who has been the guest of Mrs. Opal GRAY of Hamilton street, returned home Monday.
Miss Ina STEELE, who is teaching school in East St. Louis, spent the week end here visiting her mother, Mrs. Mamie STEELE of Pine street.

Mrs. William BUETTNER of Elm Street went to St. Louis Monday to spend a few days visiting relatives and friends.
Mr. & Mrs. Doris CRIPPS of South 15th street went to Granite City Monday. They will make their home there.
Miss Minnie FRANCISm employee at the Levy Mercantile Co., went to Carbondale Sunday and spent a few hours on pleasure.
W. Q. DOHERTY, master mechanic of the M and O., is spending a few days in this city transacting business.
Mrs. H. FLEMING of Walnut street went to Carbondale Monday to spend the day visiting her brother, H. GRAMMER.

Mrs. D. B. DUNCAN and daughter, Miss Edna, of North street went to St. Louis Monday to spend the day on pleasure.
Mr. & Mrs. John HERMAN of Walnut street motored to Ava Sunday and spent the day visiting Mr. & Mrs. George DITZLER.
Miss Annetta WRIGHT of Spruce Street went to Alto Pass Saturday. She will spend a few days there visiting her aunt, Mrs. John DUNHAM.
Mrs. Phillip FAGER and daughter, Miss Ruby, of North 11th street went to Herrin Sunday and spent the day visiting Mr. & Mrs. Samuel PARTINGTON.
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. BUCKLEY of Division street entertained as their guests Sunday, Mr. & Mrs. W. J. CALVERT of Marion. Mr. Calvert is a brother of Mrs. Buckley.

Miss Celeste G'SELL, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. G'SELL, of Spriuce street has gone to St. Louis, where she is to take a business course at one of the colleges.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert BARTLETT of St. Louis are enjoying a visit here the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Ray GILL of 19th Street. Mr. Bartlett is a brother of Mrs. Gill.
Chester DELANO, Wm. LEBOUFE and City Atty. David B. LEVY were among the fans attending the Herrin-Harrisburg game at Herrin Sunday. They report a good game and oodles of dust. They motored through.
Mrs. Henry MINCH and Mrs. Catherine MINCH of Baldwin, Ill., who have been the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Louis SCHOETZ of 1518 Edith street went to Parker, Ill., Monday to visit relatives and friends.
Ex-Deputy Sheriff Roy PARKINSON, formerly of Makanda and Murphysboro, and now of Lawton, Okla., arrived in Murphysboro Sunday from the southwest. Mr. Parkinson motored through.

E. C. LOVEJOY of San Diego, Calif., who is visiting relatives here went to Sand Ridge Saturday afternoon to spend the week end visiting Mr. & Mrs. Ed REEDER.
Mr. & Mrs. C. E. COUCH of Chestnut street motored to Granite City Saturday to be the guests for a few days of her parents, Rev. & Mrs. J. H. DAVIS.
Mrs. G. W. ROBERTS of 7th street and Mrs. John STOELZLE of North Street and Mrs. S. D. LEE of Carbondale went to Gorham Saturday to spend the day attending the Royal Neighbors Lodge.
Albert CARTER, Jr., son of Dr. and Mrs. A. R. CARTER, of Walnut street, who is a patient in St. Andrew's hospital, having undergone an operation for appendicitis, was getting alone nicely, Monday.
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis WAHLMAN of Marion spent Sunday here and attended the Christian Science lecture. They spent the evening the guest of Mr. & Mrs. M. C. HOWARD of South 20th street. Mr. & Mrs. Wahlman
left Monday morning and went to Waterloo to spend a few days visiting Mr. & Mrs. C. W. WAHLMAN.

Howard WILL, who is attending the University of Illinois at Champaign, spent the week end here visiting his grandmother, Mrs. S. AUSTIN of 2102 Division street. Mr. Will expects to graduate this year. He is studying law. He is a graduate of the M. T. H. S.
Sheriff James W. GIBSON, when in St. Louis Saturday, had the pleasure he says of shaking hands with Senator Harding, candidate for president. The senator was in St. Louis for a brief period.
Wm. ANDERSON and daughters, Misses Vera and Fay, of Jackson, Mo., were the guests here Sunday of Mr. & Mrs. "Little Jim" ANDERSON at their home on West Pine street. It was Mr. Anderson's first trip to Illinois. He is a cousin of the local merchant. The Misses Anderson here accompanied by their friends, Helen SAWYER and Mildred McKEE. The party motored here.

Misses Helen BRANDON, Ethel SEIBERT, Ruth MILLER, Harry CHRISLER, Lex ENGRAM and Charles MILEUR motored to Fountain Bluff Sunday and spent several hours on pleasure. They also spent a few hours in Ava.
Mr. & Mrs. William MORRIS and daughter, Wilma, and Mrs. Russell WISEMAN and sons, Howard and James, of Herrin motored here Sunday and visited Mrs. Peter MORRIS of Hust, a patient in St. Andrew's hospital and Mrs. Peter MORRIS who is ill at her house on South 13th street.
Mrs. F. C. BOETTNER of 902 Chestnut street has just returned rom St. Louis and Jonesboro after spending several days with friends and relatives.

Mr. & Mrs. J. B. HUDSON and son Harold of South 16th Street and Mr. & Mrs. William DANIEL, Jr. of South 20th street motored to Christopher Sunday and spent the day visiting relatives.
Mrs. G. H. PATRICK a a delegate of the local W. C. T. U. and Mrs. W. A. RAWLINGS, as a member for the state executive W. C. T. U. left Monday and went to Quincy, Ill., where they are to attend the meeting ot the W. C. T. U.
Mrs. T. R. CARTER, mother of Ed CARTER of the Square Deal clerical force, and Mrs. J. R. CARTER, both of Chicago, spent Sunday in Murphysboro, guests at the Carter home here. Little Mary Jane Carter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ed CARTER who has been the guest of relatives in Chicago, returned home Sunday and will remain here.

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