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From: Nancy Pfannenstiel <>
Subject: [ILMACOUP-L] Poor House
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 17:57:49 -0700 (PDT)

I've been helping a gal put together a web site with poor house
infomation. Here's the URL:

I found nothing in my survey of PERSI literature on the Poor house in
Macoupin county, but I did find it in a transcription of the 1860
Macoupin census.

1860 Macoupin County, Illinois Poor House

No. W 296 Page A11 Family 69 Township 10 Range 7 Post Office
Carlinville LW W296

Samuel Works48MWCTKeeper of Poor
Ellen Works36FWCT
William W. Works16MWCT
Martha E. Works11FWIL
Wada A. Works10MWIL
Charles E. Works 8MWIL
Ellen Works 3FWIL
Samuel O. Works10moMWIL

John Broyer30MWGerBaker
William Davis45MW---Laborer
Amy Devenport47FWNC--
George Gaskill66MWHanoverGardener
David W. Hart23MWNJCarpenter
Hannah Hazletine76FWMA--
Amanda J. Jones31FWIL--
Mary A. Jones21FWIL--
David A. Jourdan 4MWIL--
Mary ONeal19FWPADomestic
Joshua T. Wilson58MWDEBrick Mason

If you turn up anything more on the Macoupin Poor House, I hope you will
donate to "The Poor House Lady" for the web site. She also has a
newsletter you can subscribe to. See the site for details.

It's a fascinating look at how we treated those who were less forturnate
in the past. You know, there's only one other lady in the small town I
live in that does genealogy; she pulls out all these charts showing how
she's desc. from King Louis and Marie Antoinette. (don't even ask!)
Mine--they were in the poor house! (Really!-but not in Macoupin)


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