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From: "Debbie & Jim McArdle" <>
Subject: VAUGHN, Pope County
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 22:55:33 -0600
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I am interested in the VAUGHN surname as it relates to the HAZEL family of Pope County (who were closely associated with the HAYS, ROLSTON and SHUFFLEBARGER families, among others). In particular I would like to learn more about the Elizabeth VAUGHN who appears in the following record from Randolph County, Indiana Terriroty from which Pope County, Illinois was eventually formed:

1806: 15 October (Source: Randolph County Records, Illinois Territory, Circuit Clerk and Recorder Record Book L, 1805-1812)
Know all men by these Presents that I Daniel Hazel Junior do this day Bargain Sell and Deliver Unto Elizabeth Vaughn two mares one named Pegen and the other Stripe and three horses a Sorrel, a black and a bay and a certain gang of cattle of the number of fifteen head of different marks some mark't with a crop off each ear two splits in the right and all the household furniture that now belongs to me for and in consideration of five hundrend Dollars to me in hand paid. Signed Sealed and Delivered and acknowledged in the Presence of, this fifteenth October 1806.
Daniel Hazel Junior
George Vaughn
Robert Hays
Isaac Roltson (this is not a typo)
John (his mark) Harrison

Indiana Territory, Randolph County
Personally appeared Before me George Fisher one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Randolph aforesaid on the 23d day of April in the year of our Lord 1807 - Isaac Rolston and John Harrison who being duly sworn say that he saw the within named Daniel Hazel Junior sign Seal and Deliver the within Instrument in Writing to Elizabeth Vaughn as his Voluntary act and Deed for the purposes therein mentioned. Geo. Fisher JCP.

From this record I gather that Elizabeth Vaughn is a widow and was somehow connected to Daniel Hazel Jr. It is unlikely he would sell such possessions to a stranger - especially a woman. And George Vaughan (witness to the document), I would guess, is Elizabeth's son. I wonder if Elizabeth Vaughn is Daniel Hazel Jr.'s mother in law? The Vaughn and Hazel families were closely associated in Livingston County, Kentucky before they crossed the Ohio River into the Pope County, Illinois area.

Here's what I have found on some early Vaughns of Christian / Livingston Counties in Kentucky and the area we now call Pope County, Illinois:

A George Vaughan married Nancy Hays, daughter of Andrew Robert Hays, 28 September 1798, Christian County, Kentucky. (Livingston formed from Christian sometime in 1798.) (Source FTM CD #519, Genealogical Records: Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s.)

Joseph Vaughn, Nov. 1798, purchased a negro girl named Dina and assigned it (gave it?) to George Vaughn on 13 April 1803. Robert Hays, witness. (I'm guessing Joseph Vaughn is George's father. See 1803 entry below.) (Brenda Joyce Jerome's "Livingston County, Ky. County Court Order Books A-B, May 1799-January 1807" Book A, 5 January 1802)

No. 102. George Vaughn, 100 acres, Livingston County, Ky. entered 7 July 1801.

Ordered that George Vaughn and George Smith . . . bring last will and testament of Joseph Vaughn, dec'd . . .1803, 5 July (Source: Brenda Joyce Jerome's "Livingston County, Ky. County Court Order Books A-B, May 1799-January 1807)

PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME VAUGHN RESEARCHERS INSIST THAT THESE CHRISTIAN COUNTY / LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KENTUCKY VAUGHNS ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE POPE COUNTY, ILLINOIS VAUGHNS. OTHER HIGHLY ESTEEMED RESEARCHERS SAY THE GEORGE VAUGHN IN LIVINGSTON COUNTY IS THE SAME ONE THAT WE FIND WITH THE HAZELS IN POPE COUNTY. If I had to bet on it, I would say Joseph Vaughn is the husband of the Elizabeth Vaughn who buys Daniel Hazel Jr.'s cattle and furniture - perhaps like a mortgage or pawn. And, I would guess further that Joseph and Elizabeth Vaughn are Daniel Hazel Jr.'s in-laws. With the population in the area so small at that time, how could there be so many individuals with the same name and no distinction between them such as Jr. and Sr. Even Daniel Hazel Jr. and Sr. are using the terms to distinguish themselves from one another as they hop back and forth across the Ohio River from Livingston County, Kentucky to Pope County, Illinois. I'm just trying to sort it all out. If any o!
f you are able to shed any light on any of these Vaughns, I'd love to hear from you!

Debbie Ward McArdle
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From: Judy Armstrong
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 5:10 PM
Subject: [ILPOPE-L] Vaughns and Roll Call

The northeast corner of Pope County, where it adjoins Hardin, Saline, and Gallatin counties, was home to a lot of Vaughns, and the county boundaries in that area appear to have changed a few times, so you might find records in any of those three counties. Does anyone know if there is a group such as this for the other three counties?

Also, I thought I replied to the Roll Call, but my email never showed upon the list, so I'll add my names again here: Wagoner/Waggoner, Dees/Deas, probably Whittaker, and possibly Vineyard in my direct line; Joiner, Collier, Hogg, Vaughn, Belford, Shufflebarger, Smee, and Wren in lines that married into my family in Pope County.

Judy Armstrong
Tiburon CA

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