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Subject: Re: [ILPOPE-L] VAUGHN, Pope County
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:17:08 EST

Interesting bit about Elizabeth ---- There was a John Vaughn on the 1820 Pope
Co. Census but then he faded away. The business about being court ordered to
produce the will -- both George Vaughn and George Smith were ordered and
apparently a couple of times and never produced the will. This may be because
George Vaughn had left for Illinois. How George Smith got in the picture I could
never determine. The Biographical Abstracts for Pope Co. include Spencer
Edwards Vaughn and he related that his grandfather and family came to Pope Co.
(think he said 1808) from KY. Early records indicate that George Vaughn was
born in NC. There were also several Vaughns in early Pope Co. who were
"colored" - since there was the one slave transfer and in another tax list Joseph
Vaughn had at least one black male I have always thought that would be an
interesting avenue to pursue. There is a very interesting possibility for Joseph
Vaughn --- going back to the 1600's --- a family out of Rhode Island - the son,
Joseph married 1740's and "left for Indiana Territory" never to be heard of
again. That researcher never pursued that line. However later on that Joseph
Vaughn signed a quit claim deed over to his eldest brother as did another brother
Benjamin. According to the bio of Spencer Vaughn mentioned above, Spencer's
parents, Jackson Vaughn and Nancy Edwards Vaughn married and lived their
lifetimes in Pope Co. with the exception of a couple of years when they went to
Belmont, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. It is ironic that my husband's great
grandfather, William Jackson Vaughn was born during that time period - going from
recall I think 1838. In the whole line of children, he had this unusual
birthplace. In Tishomingo Co. on the 1840 census there is a Benjamin Vaughn. Most
researchers agree that people do not pick up and depart to far off places
without some motivation and it was frequently that they had relatives there. Have
extensive research on these lines in Pope Co. and would be happy to share -
just email me at my personal email. Thanks. Joan Vaughn

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