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From: "Judy Armstrong" <>
Subject: Re: [ILPOPE-L] Vaughns and Roll Call
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:26:38 -0800
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I don't know a lot about the Hoggs except that they intermarried with the
Wagoners more then once. I have the impression that the many Hoggs in Pope
County were related and I read somewhere (I think it was on a genealogy
board) that the original family name was Hauck or Hauyk and that the
original immigrants were Dutch.

(1) My great-grandfather's older brother, William Nelson Wagoner (15 Sep
1848 - 2 Jan 1926, son of Robert Waggoner and Judie Dees), married Kizzie
Hogg (10 Nov 1850 - 29 March 1930), daughter of Lewis Hogg and Margaret
Vaughn. Both William and Kizzie were born in Pope County and died in Malden

(2) William and Kizzie's third child, Judith Ann Wagoner (7 Jan 1876 - 25
June 1953), married a John H. Hogg (1870 - Aug 1948) on 1 Dec 1892 in Pope
County. I believe John and Judy were both born in Pope County. John and Judy
moved to MO with the rest of the Wagoners and eventually settled in Oran MO.
They had three children, Laura, James, and Stella.

(3) William and Kizzie's 7th child, Aquilla J. Wagoner (b. 22 Nov 1887)
married (in 1909) Benjamin J. Hogg (b. 1874). Benjamin was the son of
Francis and Mary Hogg. Benjamin and Aquilla moved to Malden MO in their
youth and lived their until their deaths. They had four sons, Ollie, Loren,
Ralph, and Lynn.

I think you could probably find them all in the censuses.

A couple of people have contacted me saying they are descendents of Benjamin
and Aquilla, but both people were descendents of a Benjamin and an Aquilla
who lived at a different time and not in Malden MO, so I think there were
two couple with the same name.

I have one faded, grainy photo of Aquilla and Benjamin.

Judy Armstrong
Tiburon CA

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> Can you tell me a bit more about your Hogg line? My husband's grandfather
> married Minnie Fowler. T heir first child was Pearl Pugh and she married
> Hosea
> Hogg. Does this family fit with any of your line?
> Audrey

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