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Subject: Re: [ILWABASH] Bygone County Cemeteries?
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Regarding the sensitive subject--- my gr-grandpa (Jacob Zuber) was
buried in 1911 at St. Joe Cemetery in Evansville. He died at the Little
Sisters of the Poor and had a pauper funeral. When his daughter came in
from CA that same year, the daughter insisted he be disinterred and buried
into a Hermann family plot, where his mother and sister were buried. The
info from St. Joe states he was buried in a wooden box. He may have been
embalmed, I do not know that. Embalming was begun to ship Civil War
soldiers home-- usually the officers. The poor soldiers were simply
buried near where they died.
You might do a google search on burial vault usage-- or some of the
other questions. As to how long a body will last in the wooden box,
guess it depends on the soils type, the number of bacteria in the soil,
etc. I would say if they have been there 100 years, there may not be
anything there.
There is a gal who can witch a grave who works in our records room at
the courthouse (Jasper, IN).
I was along and actually watched her. She used two copper (I think)
wires shaped like an L. On the short ends she had a wooden dowel for each
hand. The wires could freely move, you did not touch the wires. She
walked along a known cemetery row and when she was above the grave, the
wires would move inward and cross. The would uncross when she left the
grave site. I tried it, and it would not work for me. Another
lady was along and it did work for her, but only one wire would move.
The lady doing the witching thought you had to have a certain acidity or
akalineness in your body. She has been called to find older cemeteries
in a field, and always has success. Of course no one has dug down to
check. Many of the older cemeteries only had a stone for a marker, no
actual tombstone. If you are interested in her method, you can call
her in the archive room at the court house. But she may be off this week
due to Christmas.
A few years back I actually went on a grave hunting mission on this old
cemetery in KY that flooded from the Ohio River usually yearly. We had
a long metal rod with a handel at the top and would stick the rod into the
ground. The person who did it did have permission. The ground had to
be soft for it to work best. There were tree roots everywhere, but we
did hear the stone clunk of a buried tombstone. It was a daughter (that
I did not have) of my ggg uncle.
As to body removals-- in the mid 1970's, many many older cemeteries
were moved to make way for Patoka Lake. I had heard the stories that
the diggers were isolated from the rest of the people until a cemetery was
done. I would guess that would have had to have had metal probs to
search, but I am sure that there are many who were missed and are
peacefully resting on the bottom of Patoka Lake. Some of the old
cemeteries did not have any names of those buried there-- some might be
lucky enough to have had a tombstone.
Good luck.

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Subject: Re: [ILWABASH] Bygone County Cemeteries?

> Paul;
> For some cemeteries for which there are no stones left, have people
> rebuilt
> a partial record using other sources which show where individuals were
> buried? In specific, Fox cemetery. Is there any record which shows who
> was
> buried there, regardless of source of this information I would be
> interested.
> Also, perhaps a sensitive subject, but what were the known burial
> requirements of the different time periods in Illinois history? When did
> vaults come into use, were pioneers buried in pine coffins? How do the
> various forms of burial hold up to the environment? Does anyone know if
> "ground penetrating radar" can map out burials in a piece of land? Can
> metal detectors penetrate deeply enough to pick up a burial location.
> Also, what would it take to move a burial to a functioning cemetery? For
> those "abandoned" cemeteries, that may have been turned under to farm
> usage?
> Anyone know what the laws are concerning the remains of the deceased? I
> would imagine that some graves are close to permanent loss, and would like
> to explore what it would take to "save" them by placing the remains into a
> protected place, such as an actual cemetery.
> Thanks for any light people can shed on the subject.
> My thinking was spurred by the fact that Camp Atterbury, of Edinburg,
> Indiana moved hundreds of burials to a new cemetery location to allow
> expansion of the military base.
> Jeff Armstrong
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> Subject: [ILWABASH] Bygone County Cemeteries?
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>> Many years ago, with the help of the Mt Carmel Library, we started to
>> electronically archive the WPA Cemetery Recordings that were recorded in
>> the 1930's.
>> I've never been to Mount Carmel, but if I was to visit the Google Map
>> website at and type in its name, I would see a map
>> of all their streets. Then I could click on Satellite View and I would
>> see an aerial view. Unfortunately, the Satellite Views are not clear
>> enough to see all the cemeteries throughout the county.
>> Can you help describe any of the following cemetery locations, using
>> distances from a nearby road intersection -or- plot their location on a
>> Google Map for me? If you can, I will be able to preserve their GPS
>> location in the IL GenWeb Project Archives.
>> Paul Kankula
>> Seneca, SC
>> Location:
>> BANKS-BLISS-CORRIE (aka John Corrie Sr.)
>> Location: On the Thomas Banks farm later owned by James E. Kelsey and
>> John
>> Corrie Sr., settled here about 1816 or 1815, when he came from Scotland.
>> A clump of trees mark the site of the cemetery.
>> Location:
>> BELL-LITHERLAND (aka Miller)
>> Location: Near Friendsville. Main road to this cemetery, leads to Wood's
>> Fort, allegedly desecrated
>> Location: On 1100N & .25m W of 490E.
>> BUMP (aka Compton)
>> Location: Section 9, near Keensburg, Coffee Twp
>> Location:
>> BURWAY-PICHIRANT (aka Coffee Bottoms)
>> Location:
>> CARROLL (aka Fox)
>> Location: Allegedly, the graves have been plowed & planted over with
>> crops
>> Location: 1350N & 1560E, A cemetery located at the site of old
>> Centerville, the first County seat of Wabash County, states Enoch
>> Greathouse was buried here, age 101 years.
>> CLARK-TUTTLE (aka Lee Jordan Farm)
>> Location: South of Allendale
>> Location: Small unmarked cemetery located in the woods to the east of the
>> John Corrie farmhouse.
>> COUCH (JOHN) (aka Compton-Mattingly)
>> Location: On SW side of Antioch Church. Near Keensburg.
>> Location: 1m N of Friendsville, on SW corner of Section 14, Township 1N,
>> Range 13 west (2030N x 810E)
>> Location: 1m N of Friendsville
>> Location: Friendship Twp
>> DARDEEN (aka Sammy Btillwell)
>> Location: A small cemetery was located on the old Dardeen farm, later
>> owned by Sammy John Stillwell. Very little is known about this cemetery.
>> DEGAN (aka Todd heirs)
>> Location: 28-30 graves, cemetery allegedly desecrated by crop planting
>> farmer
>> Location: It was reported that 2 graves were allegedly on the William
>> Deischer farm, but were never found.
>> Location: Bellmont Twp
>> DIXON-WHITE-WILLIAM (aka John White or W.L. Litherand)
>> Location: 14-15 graves located on farm near Friendsville. Originally
>> owned by John White, later by Seybold heirs.
>> DONAHUE (WILLIAM) (aka Henry Pfieffer)
>> Location: Allegedly desecrated, a single grave is reported being in the
>> center of the farm of William Donahue. Later known as the Henry Pfieffer
>> farm.
>> FOX
>> Location: Wabash Twp
>> FREAR (aka Gilkinson or Joe Keepas)
>> Location: 4-5 graves
>> FREEMAN (aka Holste or Perrott)
>> Location: N of 2300N $ E of 650E (2350N x 670E)
>> FREEMAN (MARTIN) (Grave) (aka Griesmier or Charles Newkirk)
>> Location: On the old Griesmier farm near Lancaster, later owned by
>> Charles
>> Newkirk, is the grave of Martin Freeman.
>> Location: Wabash Twp
>> GREATHOUSE (aka Centerview or Kieffer)
>> Location: Near the old Centerville site, section 35 of Friendsville Twp
>> Location: Berberich Farm (1420N x 420E)
>> GUISEWITE (BILL) (aka Ballard or Putman)
>> Location: On the Bill Guisewite farm is buried Jeremiah Ballard, Ross G.
>> Putman
>> of Elderado, Il, who is a great grandson of Jeremiah.
>> GUPTON (aka Carlyle)
>> Location: SW corner of Lancaster Precinct
>> HAM (aka Brines)
>> Location: Cemetery allegedly desecrated by crop planting farmer
>> HARNESS (aka George Couch)
>> Location: Near Orio, a cemetery located on old George Couch farm near
>> Orio. Probably 8-10 graves here. The graves were never marked, the only
>> one known to be buried here was Rena Harness and her husband.
>> HAZELTON (aka Schafer or John Trapp)
>> Location: 3.5m N of Lancaster.
>> HENDRICK (NATHANIEL) (Grave) (aka Jake Ginther)
>> Location: Located on the Jake Ginther place also known as the Stoltz,
>> Adam
>> Marx, John Metz, and August Keiffer farm, the grave of Nathaniel
>> Hendricks, veteran of Revolution, and Louis Hoffman, veteran of the Civil
>> War. Information from Earl Deixcher who lived near Stoltz School house.
>> Location: At Hershey settlement near Allendale.
>> HIGGINS #1 (aka Kroh or Couch)
>> Location: On Levi Couch heirs farm, SW of Friendsville, section 26 of
>> Friendsville Twp
>> Location: Section 35 of Friendsville Twp
>> Location: On the Dr. E.A. Bucholz farm, there were allegedly 3-4 graves,
>> believed to be that of Mr. & Mrs.
>> E.B. Keen.
>> Location: Near St Sebastian Church, section 20 of Bellmont Twp
>> Location: Near Sugar Creek.
>> Location:
>> KING (CLYDE) (aka Dan Ravellette)
>> Location: Near Allendale, allegedly desecrated
>> LAMBERT (aka Lovellette)
>> Location: On old John T. Lovellette farm.
>> LANDES (aka Landis)
>> Location: Cemetery allegedly desecrated by crop planting farmer
>> LIDDLE (aka Seybold)
>> Location: Section 12 of Friendsville Twp
>> Location: Near 1450N & 1060E. At the end of Risley Avenue. On the left
>> side of the road, before a cultivated field, section 8 of Mt Carmel Twp.
>> Location: Buried on the Dr. H.R. Lovellette farm back of the barn, there
>> are two Frenchmen buried here, massacred by the Indians.
>> Location: (620N x 550E)
>> Location: Coffee Twp, cemetery was allegedly located on the Milburn farm,
>> later owned by Ike Schrader. 30 graves were once located here.
>> WILBURN (aka Lewis Armstrong)
>> Location: A cemetery is reported to be on the Milburn farm later owned by
>> Lewis Armstrong. Two Milburn family members are allegedly buried there.
>> Location: There is one grave between Lancaster and Clark Corner on the
>> north side of the road. A family by the name of Milton is thought to be
>> buried here. Some of the family died while traveling west.
>> MILL SEAT (aka Rhom Rambel)
>> Location: Located on the old Rhom Rambel farm, also known as the Mill
>> Seat, is buried R. Grayson, grandfather of Charles Grayson. This
>> cemetery
>> is near Keensburg.
>> Location: N of Lancaster
>> Location: N of Lancaster
>> Location: N of Lancaster (2340N x 280E)
>> MAY (REVEREND) (aka Banks)
>> Location: On the old Thomas Banks farm now owned by the Thompsons, is
>> buried Rev. May, minister of the Orio Presbyterian Church.
>> Location: Mt. Pleasant?
>> OSBORN (aka John Miller)
>> Location: The exact location of this cemetery is unknown. It is know
>> that
>> a cemetery existed near the old orchard on the John Miller farm. A horse
>> mill and distillery was also located in the general area.
>> Location: (680N x 210E)
>> Palmyra was settled around 22-apr-1815. This was the first Edwards
>> County
>> seat, when the County was one third the size of Illinois and a part of
>> Michigan & Wisconsin. For some unknown reason, people died here by the
>> hundreds. Unfortunately, there are no grave markers that lasted.
>> PUTNAM (aka Ballard or Lutz)
>> Location:
>> RIGG (aka Meadow)
>> Location: On the old Bass Seiler farm, now owned by Walter Kelley.
>> REYNOLDS (BENJAMIN) (aka Martin Stephens)
>> Location: On the Benjamin Reynolds farm later owned by Martin Stephens,
>> there are allegedly about 12-15 graves, under cultivation. Mr. Raynolds
>> himself is buried here.
>> RIGG (aka Meadow)
>> Location: On the old Bass Seiler farm, now owned by Walter Kelley.
>> Location: Between 9th & 11th, on Plum Street.
>> Location: Built in 1845-46 and dissolved in 1856. All the graves were
>> moved to
>> Sand Hill.
>> Location: On Route-1 & surrounded by Hack Berry, 4th & Bellmont. 0.35m W
>> of Route-15 (Walnut St) in the City of Mount Carmel.
>> Location: A small cemetery allegedly on the Ellsworth Schrodt farm near
>> Sugar Creek, lost many years ago.
>> Location: On the William Schrodt Farm, located S of Bellmont. Allegedly,
>> the cemetery has been plowed over and planted with crops.
>> Location: 2.1m N of 900N & 100 yds W of 800E. (1090N x 790E)
>> SEIBERT (ANDY) (aka Griesmer)
>> Location: N of 2250N & E of 750E (2350N x 670E)
>> Location: A small cemetery located on the Seigert farm, Sugar Orchard.
>> SEILER (S.S.) (aka C.M. Grundon)
>> Location: A small cemetery located on the Seiler farm.
>> SHERREL (DOCTOR) (aka Cabbage Corners)
>> Location: Cemetery was located near Cabbage Corners on the farm or
>> orchard
>> of Dr. Sherrel, who allegedly had all the markers removed and destroyed.
>> Some 40-50 graves were there, including Renston Utter.
>> (1750N & 750E)
>> SIALOME (aka Wier or Wirth)
>> Location: Section 17 of Bellmont Twp
>> Location: Near 1540N & (100E or 1110E) - near Simond School.
>> Location: Bellmont Twp
>> SMITH (BILLY) (aka Westfall)
>> Location: Speculation is that this cemetery was probably called the
>> Westfall Cemetery, because there is mention of one in the general area,
>> that currently can't be located. There was also a Congregational Church
>> that was located near the cemetery. Another source reported that there
>> were approximately 20 graves that were plowed over and the area planted
>> with crops.
>> Location: Single child's grave located on Henry Smith farm.
>> SNIDER (aka John Cissel
>> Location: On old Peter Snider farm, now owned by Mrs John Cissel of
>> Allendale.
>> STILLWELL (aka Collison Heirs)
>> Location: There is a small cemetery on the James Stillwell farm, later
>> owned by the Collison heirs. There was about 20-25 graves. Cemetery
>> allegedly plowed over and the area planted with crops.
>> STILLWELL (aka F.W. Cox
>> Location: Cemetery on the F.W. Wilcox farm located near Friend Grove
>> schoolhouse. John Stillwell was buried here. His tombstone was
>> allegedly
>> removed by members of the Stillwell family and is lost. Cemetery
>> allegedly plowed over and the area planted with crops.
>> STILLWELL (JOHN) (aka Frank Piety)
>> Location: A single grave is on the John Stillwell farm, that of Frank
>> Piety, who drowned in the Wabash River and was buried on the bank.
>> UNKNOWN NAME (aka Edwald or McCabe)
>> Location: Cemetery allegedly desecrated by crop planting farmer
>> Location: NE of Route 15 & CR700E
>> GPS: N38 24.767 x W87 51.133
>> Location: W of Oak on Poplar
>> GPS: N38 25.210 x W87 47.080
>> Location: On 700E & S of 1540N
>> Same as W071 ?
>> GPS: N38 26.233 x W87 51.350
>> Location: On Beasley W of 1
>> GPS: N38 25.800 x W87 47.117
>> Location: NW 10 & 1000N)
>> GPS: N38 22.217 x W87 57.833
>> Location: On 5 S of 15 & 700E
>> GPS: N38 24.367 x W87 51.317
>> Location: NE of 15 & 700E
>> GPS: N38 24.833 x W87 53.133
>> UNKNOWN NAME (aka Thompson Blackford or Matthias Stern)
>> Location: A Cemetery on the old Thompson Blackford farm (near Cowling),
>> later owned by Matthias Stern, about 8 graves are here.
>> UNKNOWN NAME (Alonzo Cochran or Ravenstein)
>> Location: A cemetery of 50-60 graves allegedly located on the old
>> Ravenstein farm, later owned by Alonzo Cochran. Situated along the
>> southern railway, one mile west of Maud. The graves allegedly have been
>> plowed over & planted with crops.
>> UNKNOWN NAME (William Mahon or William Lacer)
>> Location: Cemetery on the William Mahon farm later owned by William
>> Lacer.
>> A Revolutionary War veteran was buried here. Information given by Anna
>> Harman, that a Mr. Schearer, Civil War veteran told her years ago, also
>> Henry Seitz said the veteran was here on a visit and died and was buried
>> in this cemetery some
>> 50 years ago. The marker is still there.
>> UNKNOWN NAME (C.C. Strasser)
>> Location: Small cemetery with 7-8 graves, cemetery allegedly desecrated
>> by
>> crop planting farmer.
>> UNKNOWN NAME (Levi Thompson or Ben Shuh)
>> Location: Small cemetery now gone.
>> Location: Located on the Thomas Armstrong farm several years ago stood a
>> Congregational Church and cemetery.
>> Location: .5m S of 1540N, on 700E, about 100 yds W of the road in trees.
>> Same as W077?
>> UNKNOWN NAME (NEGRO) (aka Mitchel)
>> Location: (1500N x 700E)
>> Location: Orio
>> WEST (aka Wright)
>> Location: A cemetery is located on the old Kent Wright farm across the
>> road from the Jacob Fearheiley farm near Maud on the left side of Maud
>> road on a knoll. Four graves are here and of the West family, no markers
>> were ever put here.
>> WILCOX (aka Beard Heirs)
>> Location: A cemetery of about 15-20 graves are on the Dan Wilcox farm,
>> later owned by the Beard heirs.
>> Location: Lick Praire Twp
>> WILLIAMS (aka Litherland or White)
>> Location: Across road from the Loran Richardson home on 1820N
>> WOOD (JEREMIAH) (aka C.C. Craig)
>> Location: The old Jeremiah Wood farm is now owned by Mrs. C.C. Craig,
>> located near Patton, IL. Years ago a cemetery was on this farm. Here was
>> found several markers resting against a tree in a briar patch.
>> WOOD (aka Burkhart or Shuh)
>> Location:
>> Location: A cemetery is on the Washington Wood farm, located near the
>> Woods families. Buried here are Woods, Potts, and McClures, among others.
>> A distillery and grist mill once was located here and powered by water on
>> Coca Creek.
>> Location: A small cemetery on the George Wright farm that was long
>> abandoned.
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