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Subject: [ILWHITE] 1862 Illinois Military Census & WHEELER
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 13:00:17 -0500

Gene: I am sorry I cannot help you with your Wheeler question, although my family
lived in Burnt Prairie, too, at the time (LEE, EDWARDS, BOTTOM, MATTHEWS).
However, I was very interested in your mention of the August, 1862 Illinois
Military Census. May I ask where you found this census? I would like to consult
it for many Illinois counties. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Debbie McArdle

Gene Wheeler wrote:

> Does anyone know the dates during which the 1865 White Co, IL census was
> enumerated? I have an ancestor who is found in that census, and may also
> have been a Civil War soldier who was mustered out of the Union Army at
> Washington, DC on 7 June 1865. Is it possible he could have been in
> counted in the 1865 census, AND been in Washington up to June 1865?
> His name is John Wesley Wheeler, and he was originally from Wayne Co, IL
> adjacent to White Co. He bought land in White Co. near Mill Shoals in 1847
> and was enumerated in Burnt Prairie, White Co. in the 1850 census, the 1855
> Illinois census, as well as in 1860, 1865 and 1870. Records indicate he
> registered for the Illinois Military Census in Aug 1862, indicating his
> residence in Burnt Prairie.
> A John W. Wheeler, claiming residence in Wayne Co., was mustered out of F
> Company, 105th Infantry Regiment (Illinois) as indicated above. His record
> says he enlisted 29 Jul 1862, so that doesn't jibe with the Aug 1862 date
> of registration for the military census. However, after exhaustive
> research, I can find no other John W. Wheeler in Wayne or White Co. during
> those time periods, or who would have been of appropriate age.
> There was a John Wheeler of adjacent Hamilton Co. who was also a Civil War
> soldier, but his military record appears separately from John W. Wheeler above.
> Thanks for any help or suggestions.
> Gene Wheeler

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