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From: Cindy Birk Conley <>
Subject: [ILWHITE] Stum, Sturm
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:20:32 -0700

Posted on: White County Queries
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Surname: Stum, Sturm

Leonard, thanks for visiting the White County genweb page. You are correct
that Stum's were early settlors of the Phillipstown area. I don't see a
biography of John Stum in the 1883 White County history, but there is a
note that his cattle grazed on a thousand hills.

As for the family's migration path, it is possible that they would have
originally migrated to Canada, with a possible goal of Pennsylvania, where
many of the early Scotch Irish settled. As the population increased these
folks moved down into Virginia, and then after 1780 they moved to TN and
KY as those territories started to be settled. By the time the next generation
was ready to start farming they would be ready to move again, and southern
IL was the next territory opened up. There are reports of people settling
around Phillipstown between 1802 and 1807, but not many came before 1813.

In general in your research you need to go backwards, because sometimes
by knowing the outcome you can more easily understand its causes.

Email me back if you need more specific information.

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