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From: Cindy Birk Conley <>
Subject: Re: [ILWHITE] Migration Patterns
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 12:10:11 -0500


I may have misspoke if I said they made a complete circle. In the book
"The Scotch Irish" they make a lot of the early settlors coming into PA,
where the Quakers were generally helpful, but population pressures
pushed them into the western parts of VA and the Carolinas. After the
revolution KY and TN were both opened up so people migrated there
through the Cumberland gap. (Some even went into western GA but the
older landowners passed some laws against the small farmer and many
headed up to TN and KY.) The next generation those people headed for IL,
and a few years later they went to MO and ARK, and then eventually to TX
and CA and places in between. Of course, some people stayed in the old
home area, and many who tried places like Idaho or Kansas found it too
rough and returned to the midwest.

There were also many boats of Northern Irish immigrants who went into
Virginia and Carolina ports, but the plantation system along the
Atlantic ocean--the Tidewater--was not condusive to the Scotch-Irish way
of life and farming so they headed to the inland areas which the English
plantation owners didn't care about.

The above generally applies more to the Scotch-Irish than any other
group. Germans tended to migrate in the early to mid 19th century, due
to all the turmoil with city states, and they also started out in the
east, especially PA. Many of them had communication with other family
members who recommended places like DuBois Co and Evansville IN and the
St Louis area. It looks like many of the Catholic or Southern Irish did
the same, although many of them came as laborers rather than farmers and
went wherever there was work.

One final comment is that the influx of the Germans into places like
Cincinnati around 1850 also had the effect of displacing many of the
early Scotch-Irish families in a second phase of migration. My Savage
family did that, and I can see a bunch of their neighbors in both
places. Its hard to generalize about anything.


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