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Subject: Re: [ILWHITE] 5th illinois cavalry
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 14:04:01 EDT

I don't have a whole lot of information about my great grandfather's
service but I'll give you what I've got. My great grandfather was Allen
George Ward. He enlisted for three years on September 12, 1861 at Fairfield,
Illinois and was assigned to Company D, 5th Illinois Cavalry Volunteers. There
are no surviving letters from his time in the service to give insight into his
daily duties. According to his application for pension he made in 1883 he
contracted malaria while his unit was at Mill(s) Dale near Vicksburg,
Mississippi in July of 1863. He spent July and August in the Regimental Hospital then
was furloughed to his home in Carmi, Illinois for thirty days beginning on
September the 6th. He reported back to his unit at Black River, Mississippi. He
was never well again but yet re enlisted at Clear Creek, Mississippi on
January 1, 1864 for three more years. He was mustered out at Springfield, Illinois
on October 27, 1865. He entered the service as a private, was promoted to
corporal at his re enlistment then to sergeant on June 23, 1864. According to
his muster rolls he provided his own horse and equipment. Once he was docked
$3.00 for losing a saddle blanket and another time $12.75 for losing his
revolver and holster. On June 28th 1864 he was detailed as Orderly for the Provost
Marshal at Vicksburg. I also have a letter he wrote in regard to his pension
application. Don't know if you're really interested in it but it does name
some of his officers and gives a little insight into his thoughts on the war.
It's kind of hard to read so instead of just copying it, I'll type it in just
as he wrote it.
Trumbull Ills Aug 23rd
Gen. J.C. Black
Dear sir I wish to make a few statements to you concerning my pension claime
and hope you will pardon my forwardness in adressing you. I was a member of
Co D 5th reg of Ills Cav Vol. Served frome Sep the 13th 1861 till Oct 27th
1865. Just after the seige of Vicksburg I was taken down with malaria or bilious
fever and became so redused and weak I was granted a furlow by order of Gen
Sherman frome the hospital by reason of sickness on Dr J B Enseys
recomendation. durind that sickness I was troubled with an irregular action of my heart
and a great deel of palpation at heart. my kidneys was affected. I could not
pass off the urin without much pain. These disorders are still afflicting me
frome year to year and I am renderd unfit for any hard work. I can not get
employment many times because I can not make a good hand. I was wounded
slightly in the knee but it dose not disable me frome work. Cap A.G. Payn was my
last Co Commander. Hoping you will consider my claime favorably when it comes
before you. My claime was objected to three years ago I think on party feelings
then. I gave four long years of servis not for party but for the caus I
loved so well. No of claim 483717
Allen G. Ward
White Co Ills
The document authorizing his furlough is signed by Major A.H. Seley ,
Commanding the Reg't.
That's about all I have. Hope some of it is useful!

Mike Moody

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