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Subject: Re: [RED-MEN] Machemleck Tribe 221
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 20:42:16 EST

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An eagle with the initials T.O.T.E.
No. 221 >>

I have pretty much the same question only this information was on an
ambulant. It said Lackawanna Tribe No. 99 and contained an Indian head in full head
dress. The headdress is definitely of the Plains style and not that of the
Eastern Woodlands. The male family members went to the meetings, (I think I
remember being told Friday was the night) and they apparently made a night of it.
This was in Coosa, Floyd, GA and I am looking for any records that might give
dates of membership in different towns and states and other family members.
These types of rolls are great for 'in between census' records. Rosebird

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