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From: Norma Key <>
Subject: Loogootee IN, History
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 19:46:15 -0800

Hi Listers,

Interesting history on the subject city shared with me Wed, 24 Nov 1999
18:56:09 -0500 From: Bob Gootee <>.


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The following is from a book on Martin County that was researched by
Judy Gorman, my oldest sister.

"Loogootee was developed rapidly into an important shipping center.
Natural gas was discovered in 1888 which gave an impetus to industry.
Charles Lythgoe was founder of a early glass factory. He with the
Graham brothers -
Joseph, Ray and Robert started the manufacture of the Graham-Page
automobile. Murl Lents and Charles Cushman were among the companies
dependable workers and transferred with the firm to Evansville, and
later to Wayne Michigan. (Note- This is when and why my Grand-father
Thomas Urban Gootee moved to Detroit) Lents was promoted to
superintendent and around 25 local families relocated in Michigan.

The growth of the town almost came to a standstill when the gas wells
went dry and from the loss of industry. Nevertheless, the population
was 1,382 persons in 1900 and in 1903 the town was incorporated as a

The original plat has at least 16 extensions and several additions.
The naming of the Town must have been a "headache", but there are no
official records pertaining to the origin of the name.
The Gootee, without a doubt, is in the honor of Thomas Nesbe Gootee,
(my Great, Great Grand-Father) the pioneer who platted the original
settlement. One historian believes the first name chosen was Waterloo,
but when the application was made for a post office it was discovered
that there was a town already incorporated by that name.
Loogootee was finally obtained by adding the last syllable of Waterloo
(loo) to Gootee.
The author believes this assumption about the origin of the name is
likely to correct as any other theories. It was known that Gootee was
of French decent and probably an admirer of Napoleon, whose smaller
Army was defeated in 1815 at the battle of Waterloo.

Another historian assumes that the name was derived by combining the
name of the engineer, Lowe, who surveyed the right-of-way for the
railroad, with the founder of the site. Others claim the Town was
named for two settlers- Gootee, who owned the land, and DeLoo, the
surveyor of the tract. They agreed to drop the "De" and used the rest
of their names to arrive at Loogootee.
A genealogist of the Gootee family writes that the Loo was derived
from the first syllable of Gootee's wife's name, Lucinda, to obtain
the Loogootee."

Robert F. Gootee

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