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From: "Mandeep Singh Bajwa" <>
Subject: Re: [The Raj] Early Indian Flag
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 18:55:11 +0530
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Dear Nick,

This was the old Indian National Congress flag The spinning wheel or
Charkha was Mahatma Gandhi's weapon in the first battle of the freedom
struggle - the war for indigenisation and against foreign cloth.Thereafter
it became a potent symbol of the freedom movement.

Badruddin Tyabji,ICS who designed the Indian flag replaced the Charkha with
the Ashoka or Dharma Chakra since he argued that the new flag had to look
the same from both sides.I really can't decipher what the alphabets and
numbers would mean.They were not part of the Congress Party flag.

If its not of too much sentimental value , you might consider donating it to
one of the museums here in India.I'll be glad to arrange the presentation.

Warm Regards

Mandeep Singh Bajwa

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Subject: [The Raj] Early Indian Flag

> Greetings to all,
> I have in my possession an Indian flag which predates independence before
> 1947.
> My father who was in the British Army intelligence shinned up a flag pole
> and confiscated it after it had been raised overnight on an army flagpole.
> His Indian subordinates refused to do it as apparenttly whoever did remove
> it would be cursed for life.
> The flag has the traditional colours of saffron, white and green but
> instead of the dharma wheel in the centre there is a spinning wheel. Also
> on the flag are the letters BY and numbers 6 1/2. This all occurred in
> about 1946 and I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on what the
> significance of the markings are.
> regards
> Nick Forrest
> Australia
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