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From: "Harshawardhan_Bosham Nimkhedkar" <>
Subject: [INDIA-BRITISH-RAJ] Life and culture of the Calcutta of the 1940s
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 11:11:45 +0530

I might have mentioned this page earlier. If so, this would be a repeat =

--- Harshawardhan_Bosham Nimkhedkar

*** We are a group interested in finding out more and
presenting the history, life and culture of the Calcutta
of the 1940s. Our first aim is the capturing of the
personal reminiscences of Calcutta and surrounding
area in one of its most dramatic decades i.e. from
1939-1950. To illustrate these reminiscences, we
are also looking for old maps, pictures, newspaper
articles, diaries etc.

Our second aim is to educate people about life in Calcutta
in the 1940s. To do that we are building up a virtual
museum on the internet, with the materials we have
collected, where they can be publicly viewed sorted
by topics. Quite a bit of our material can already
be viewed on this website, in the sections 'Daily Life',
'Communities', 'Guided Tours' and 'Historic Events'. ***

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