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From: "Pauline McGregor Currien" <>
Subject: Portugal Burials continued
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 14:33:43 +0100

Burials at Lisbon from 1794
ARNOLD Moses and American Mariner
FITZROY The Hon Henry
HAIR Patrick MD Physician to the Factory age 50
PEACOCK Thomas age 30. member of the factory
MARCH Joseph age 39 member of the factory

Burials 1795
BORDIN David age 45
MAYNE Thomas age 61 member of the factory
CLARKE Edward member of the factory
STEPHENS Lewis age 51 member of factory

Burials 1797
TRAVERS Peter MD Surgeon agent of Brittanic Majesties Hospital age 68
ROGERS Timothy age 31 of ship HM The Victoria
ALEXANDER John Master of the Wasp of Greenock.

Burials 1799
ROGERS Thomas James Lt 50th regt of Foot.
WHITFIELD Robert, Surgeon to the Forces age 23.
BARNEY Francis member of the factory.

Burials 1800
WORTHINGTON Thomas age 80

Burials 1801

Burials 1803
BULKELEY John Marchant age 74 member of the Factory
STEPHENS William member of the factory
STEPHENS Jeremiah ?? native of Exeter age 57 member of factory.

to be continued...

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