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From: "Gordon Barlow" <>
Subject: [India-L] ATKINSON & ANDREWS in Trincomalee
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 13:28:47 -0800

Nick Forrest forwarded Sanjay Sircar's request for fictional references to Anglo-Indian characters. The people I mention below were Englishmen in India, which may not be quite what Sanjay is looking for, but their story is amusing all the same.

Gordon Barlow

In 1801 Robert ANDREWS was charged with not accounting for all the produce of Ceylon's pearl-fishing fleet in 1797-8 while Ambassador to the native court at Candy and officer-in-charge of all the Company's Ceylon revenues. He was suspended (out of India 1803-8), but reinstated as a Judge & Magistrate in Zillah Madura ("during the absence of Mr Long"). Subsequently he became Post Master General, then 1815 1st (Senior) Judge of the Provincial Court of Appeal on 4800 pds p.a.

In 1800, his sister's husband, Edward ATKINSON was charged with "falsification of accounts" to the tune of 31,512 Pagodas (12,600 pds) while Commissary of Stores in Ceylon in 1796. His defence was that he believed what he took to have been "an allowable though not an avowed emolument". He admitted imprudence and repaid about 2000 pds in 1803. The Governor recommended accepting Edward's explanations, and he was reinstated in 1805.

SHERLOCK HOLMES in "A Scandal in Bohemia" made passing reference to "the singular tragedy of the Atkinson brothers at Trincomalee." What else could he have been referring to, but this one?

BY THE WAY, the "Mr Long" mentioned above - can any Lister tell me who he was and where he came from? Two generations later, a female Long descendant married an Atkinson, and I would like to know if they were related. Thanks for any help.

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