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From: "GilL Raymond" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:00:48 +1200

Hi List,

I am hoping that somene may be able to help me.

In 1869 John A. MUNIS wrote his Last Will and Testament which is a little difficult to read and is not assisted by the poor quality of the photocopy I am using.

'I direct that the whole of the residue of my personal property be invested in Government Chemities?, & that the Interest arising therefrom together with the rents and profits of my Real Estate after payment of all taxes and other expenses thenent? be paid to my said Wife for her and my children's maintenance.'

The two words with questions marks are the ones I would like help with. I thought that Chemities could have been 'securities' but there is no way I can make that fit. I have no idea what 'thenent' is supposed to be.



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