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Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 19:48:02 +1000

G'day folks,

Can anyone help this new Lister please?

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i would like to join your website my name i am reseaching is
babinall. We think it could have come from Babinahh or Babineau.
My grandfathers name was Lionel Ernest, his mother was Louisa Manock.
His father name was Hugh Ernest. They had more children we
think, Nolan Oscar, Herbert Andrew, Marguritte, and
Irene, they may have had more. Lionel ernest we think was
born in calcutta and we were told there was french parentage or they
were french canadian Hugh Ernest occupation states he was a
gentleman. (What does this mean)??? if anyone can help me it would
be appreciated. i live in australia and lionel ernest was my
grandfather. he was a merchant seaman and went down with the ship
called the wanderer in 1907 and survived. during ww1 arrived in
australia on a ship called the culula in 1916. Look forward to your
help and co-operation in this matter.


Mr Babinall......

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