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From: "Merilyn Pedrick" <>
Subject: [India-L] Madras BMD 1872
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 17:28:52 +0930 (Cen. Australia Standard Time)

Dear List
Yesterday I saw LDS Film #521860 and noted the following:

Marriage at Coonoor[?] 6 Jul 1872, Edward Bruce DAWSON, aged 25, to
Margaretta SMITH, aged 26. His profession - Agent, Bank of Madras. Both
resided in Coonoor? Coonoon? Fathers - William DAWSON and Samuel SMITH. By
License. Witnesses J.C. KNOX, R. HAMILTON, H.N. SMITH, N.E. B-----. Married
by Robert Parker LITTLE, Chaplain.

Marriage at Vozajapalam[?] 12 Jun 1872 Henry Thomas FLETCHER aged 26 to
Agnes Amelia ROBERTS, 19. His profession - Surveyor. Fathers - George
FLETCHER and Thomas ROBERTS. Witnesses - T.H. RAINDLE, Jane RAINDLE, Eliza
RAYNOR, Esther MURRAY. Married by N. WESTON ELWES, Chaplain.

Marriage at Secunderabad. 3 Apr 1872 Joseph John FLETCHER aged 30 to
Henrietta Blanche KNOX-GORE, aged 22. His profession - Lieutenant H.M. 29th
Regt. Both resident in Secunderabad. Fathers - John Thompson FLETCHER and
Annesley KNOX-GORE. By License. Witnesses - A. KNOX-GORE, J.H. PREDERGAST.
Married by James Francis BROWNE, Chaplain.

Noted that A.R. SYMONDS A.M. (one of ours) was Minister of St. Thomas'
Church, Madras.

Marriage at Rajahundry[?] 12 Jan 1872 Raymond Frederick FLETCHER aged 23, to
Wilhelmina WILKINSON aged 14. His profession: Head Constable. Both of
Rajahundry. Fathers - George FLETCHER and John WILKINSON. By Banns.
Witnesses - G. FLETCHER, W.H. DINSEM, J. JOYCE. Married by W. LEEMING,

Burial at St. Mary's, Madras. Died 4 Oct 1872 of Diarrhea, George FLETCHER,
67 years and 9 months, Pensioned Manager Civil Auditors Office. Buried 5 Oct
1872 by D. FENN, Offg. Minister.

Baptism at St. Andrew's Church, Madras 27 Dec 1872, born 26 Dec 1872,
Raymond George FLETCHER, son of Raymond Frederick and Wilhelmina FLETCHER of
Ragapore. His profession: Head Constable. W. LEEMING, Chaplain.

Baptism at Negapatam 4 Dec 1872, born 11 Nov 1872, Charles Edward RICKETTS,
son of Edward Golightly and Anne Theodora RICKETTS of Negapatam. His
profession - Deputy Collector. By G. HEYNE, Minister.

Baptism at Mount Road Christ Church. 29 Dec 1872, born 25 Oct 1872, Sarah
SMITH, daughter of Samuel and Eliza SMITH of Madras. His profession -
Pensioned Serjeant 108th Foot. By D. FENN, Offg. Minister.

Baptism at Madras 15 Sep 1872, born 15 Apr 1872 Edward DAWSON, son of Samuel
and Clarissa DAWSON of Perambore. His profession - Engine Driver. By H.E.

Baptism at Bellary 15 Jul 1872, born 6 Jul 1872 Elizabeth Anne SMITH,
daughter of Samuel and Mary SMITH of Adony. His profession - Station Master
By P. DOYLE, R.C. Chaplain.

Burial at Trichinopoly 22 Sep 1872 of Debility & Plurisy, Jessie SMITH aged
30, wife of Samuel SMITH, Pensioned Driver @/23rd Brigade Royal Artillery.
Died 21 Sep 1872. By T.P. ADOLPHUS, Offg. Minister.

Burial at Ootacamund 16 Jul 1872, buried 16 Jul 1872. Of Inflamation of the
throat, Arthur Henry DAWSON, 1 year, son of Geo. A.R. DAWSON, Planter and
Annie Eliza his wife. By J.B. SAYERS L.L.D., Chaplain.

Baptism at Ootacamund 4 Sep 1872, born 12 May 1872, Henry Royal DAWSON, son
of Henry Royal & Elizabeth Edwards DAWSON of Ootacamund, Agent, by J.B.
SAYERS, L.L.D., Chaplain.

Baptism at St. John's, Bangalore. 4 Sep 1872, born 18 Jul 1872, James Dennis
FOOTE, son of Daniel and Elizabeth FOOTE of Bangalore, Pensioner, by W.W.G.
COOPER, Chaplain.

Baptism at Madras 18 May 1872, born 18 May 1872, John DAWSON, son of George
& Ellen DAWSON of Madras, Pensioner, Private Baptism.

Burial at Madras 18 May 1872, died 18 May 1872 of Convulsions, John DAWSON,
1 day, son of Pensioner G. DAWSON. By E. LEE.

Marriage at St. Thomas' Mount, Secunderabad & Trichinopoly. 3 Apr 1872
Joseph J. FLETCHER 30, to Henrietta Blanche KNOX-GORE 22. His Profession -
Qr. Master 29th Reg. N.I. Secunderabad. Fathers - John thompson FLETCHER and
Annesley KNOX-GORE, by License. Witnesses - J.M. PRENDERGAST and A.

Baptism at Bellary & Cannanore 26 Jun 1872, born 13 apr 1872, Henry William
DAWSON, son of Charles and Isabella DAWSON of Kurnool, Clerk Irrign. Company
by Rev. P. DOYLE, R.C.C.

Baptism at Ootacamund 29 Jun 1872, born 23 Apr 1872 Leonard Richard
Strathenden DAWSON, son of Richard Strathenden and Adelaide Ann DAWSON of
Ootacamund, Apothacary, by John CAIN M.S., Officiating Minister.

Marriage at St. Thomas' Mount, Madras 15 Jan 1872, Owen BRENNAN, 48,
bachelor and Maryt FLETCHER, 49, widow. His profession - Gunner E.A.V.C.F.,
both of Palaveram. Fathers - Patrick BRENNAN and Thos. ROURKE. By 3 Banns.
Both signed with a X. Witnesses T. EGAN and E. EGAN, by W.H. CONLEY.

Baptism at Kamplee and Trimulgherry 15 Feb 1872, born 24 Jan 1872, Lucy
SYMONDS, daughter of George and Mary SYMONDS of Trimulgherry. His
profession - Color Serjt. 76th Regt. By C. TAGIALINE.

Baptism at Kamplee 15 Mar 1872, born 23 Feb 1872, Eliza DAWSON, daughter of
Henry and Ann DAWSON of Kamplee. His profession - Ptd. 44 Regt. H.M.S. By J

Hope these are of some use to someone.

Best wishes
Merilyn Pedrick
Mylor, South Australia

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