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From: "Maureen Evers" <>
Subject: [INDIA] Marriages, Deaths in Calcutta, Cemeteries in India.
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:08:56 +1100

Hello List

Here are some more references I have come across, I have noticed either the
article or a reference in another article, perhaps these may be useful to

They are all in Bengal, Past and Present, Journal of the Calcutta Historical
Society. Volume 1 was published in 1907.

The first four, all by Rev WK Firminger, are lists of marriages or deaths
in Calcutta based on the original registers in Calcutta. They are probably
mostly covered by the returns in the British Library, however there may be
some additional entries which never made it to England,( perhaps the ship
carrying the returns for England may have sunk). There are also some
biographical details .

Marriages(prior to 1780) in Calcutta Volume 4,(1909), pages 486-512.

Marriages 1780-1785 Volume 7, January-June 1911, pages 164-171

Selection of burials in Calcutta 1759-1761 Volume 5; burials 1762-1774
Volume 6 (1910) pages 92-126.

I also noticed an article called Forgotten Graveyards by Lieut. Colonel Dr D
G Crawford of the Indian Medical Service in Volume 3, January-April 1909,
commencing page 189 in which he lists cemeteries throughout India which he
has come across. There are a few names of people mentioned, but not many.

In respect of the Calcutta area, in the Twenty-Four Parganas District he
mentions an old graveyard at Diamond Harbour which he had not seen mentioned

I wonder if this last reference could be related to the Orphan School at
Kidderpore House, whose address was 4 Diamond Harbour Road, (see my listing
dated 21 January 2009).I also saw a footnote reference in a Volume 1, 1907
article by Rev. W K Firminger who said that in his Parish of Kidderpore
there was a closed cemetery pathetically full of children's graves. This
entry seems likely to be connected with the Orphan School.


Maureen in Sydney, Oz.

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