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From: "Marsha H. Moses" <>
Subject: [INDIAN-CAPTIVES] 1763 Cornstalk Event
Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 16:26:51 -0400
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Well.....I have so little time right now, I kind of hate to jump
in.....but then again I do have LOTS of information about what I call
the 1763 Cornstalk event. Basically Cornstalk and his warriors took
many of the settlers by surprise in this event. I know that the
following cabins in close proximity to Lewisburg were hit by Cornstalk
and his men and men were massacred and women and children taken prisoner:

John Thomas Williams
the Clendenin family
The See family
the Yokum family

then one brave or perhaps several were left to guard the prisoners while
the main Cornstalk party went on to Kerr's Creek.

I know less about the Kerr's Creek incidents. But Kerr's Creek was hit
more than once.

> Source: Rockbridge County News - "John and Agnes Gilmore" (October 6, 1927).
> "John Gilmore, Sr., and his wife, Agnes settled on Kerr's Creek in 1746.
> John, his wife and two daughters were killed on Kerr's Creek about 2 miles
> above Big Spring by Cornstalk's warriors in 1759. John Gilmore and Agnes
> had four sons, James, John, William and Thomas. Numerous descendants of
> these four brothers are now living in Rockbridge although the Gilmore name
> has about disappeared from the county. James Gilmore, whose farm cornered
> on John Kerr at Big Spring, was the oldest son of John Gilmore, and Thomas,
> who was killed in 1763, was the youngest. Thomas was killed at Jonathan
> Cunningham's block house near Big Spring. His wife, Jenny, son John, and
> two daughters were carried away captives by the Shawnees under Cornstalk."

It is because of my interest in this event that I first joined this mail list.

Marsha in WV

Anything else that you specifically want to know? Marsha in WV
I'm travlynlyn wrote:
> Chief Cornstalk attacked Ft Seybert Wv in 1758 and I believe the See Family were victims/capyives of that massacre. I'm not sure Chief Cornstalk led the attack ay Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge County Wv in 1763. I know many captives were taken at the Kerr Creek massacre. Anyone want to contribute more info on these two massacre's?

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