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From: "beth miner" <>
Subject: Richie to Robb
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 19:10:30 -0500

Beth Miner's family surname listing.
The following list is another small part of a huge database of families that
I have compiled. I have further information on most of these folks --
please correspond with me if you are interested. Always glad to share.

Richie, Michael Leon b
Richman, Clarence
Richman, Patricia Mary b
Richmond, Arlonda
Richmond, Catherine
Richmond, Chester
Richmond, Chester Paul b
Richmond, Fred
Richmond, George R.
Richmond, Letha Lucille May 30, 1895 d
Richmond, Robert L. July 25, 1918 d
Richmond, Ronnie Alfona b
Richmond, Thelma w/o Fred
Richmond, Violet Mae
Richorn, Vesta
Richter, Dorothy P
Richter, Margaret L. Abt. 1910 d
Richter, Oscar
Richter, Steve
Richwine, Francis
RIckel, Abigail
Rickel, Agnes Cornelia January 01, 1914
Rickel, Albert William January 26, 1912
Rickel, Arthur Guy August 27, 1893
Rickel, Blanche Fay May 22, 1904 d
Rickel, Brandy Eizabeth
Rickel, Carl
Rickel, Carl Rodney December 24, 1894
Rickel, Carolyn Sue b
Rickel, Catharine December 20, 1822
Rickel, Catherine 1845
Rickel, Charles Seaman October 07, 1879 d
Rickel, Cleo
Rickel, Clyde Kenneth December 17, 1899
Rickel, Cynthia Sue b
Rickel, David
Rickel, David Murray b
Rickel, Dean Cyrus March 25, 1906 d
Rickel, Eliza January 28, 1841 d
Rickel, Eliza Ann
Rickel, Eliza C August 24, 1876
.Rickel, Elizabeth January 11, 1820
Rickel, Emma
Rickel, Estella October 14, 1877
Rickel, Esther Elizabeth
Rickel, Estie Aurilla September 02, 1896
Rickel, Ethel
Rickel, Etta
Rickel, Fern Marie June 14, 1913
Rickel, Florence Mae March 03, 1887
Rickel, Forrest Raymond September 26, 1911 d
Rickel, Foster Udell February 26, 1911 d
Rickel, Francis Dwight b
Rickel, Francis Dwight, Jr. b
Rickel, Freda Dove February 13, 1906 d
Rickel, George September 25, 1814
Rickel, George Swick October 13, 1873
Rickel, George W February 16, 1838 d
Rickel, Gladys Geneva August 30, 1905 d
Rickel, Grayden DeVon February 15, 1912 d
Rickel, Gus d
Rickel, Henry
Rickel, Horace May 05, 1874 d
Rickel, Hugh Devon July 15, 1907 d
Rickel, Icel Irene January 07, 1910 d
Rickel, Ida Bell April 26, 1873
Rickel, Iona
Rickel, Jack Duane b
Rickel, James Franklin July 12, 1875 d
Rickel, James Hubert July 13, 1924
Rickel, John
Rickel, John Curtis February 16, 1878 d
Rickel, John Wilson April 17, 1923 d
Rickel, Jonas April 02, 1887 d
Rickel, Joshua April 11, 1826
Rickel, Juanita Abt. 1900 d
Rickel, Julia Ann August 03, 1858 d
Rickel, Katherine Sadie January 03, 1876 d
Rickel, Kathryn
Rickel, Kelsie E. December 07, 1891
Rickel, Lloyd A August 12, 1877 d
Rickel, Lloyd A, Jr May 19, 1909
Rickel, Lois Fern April 05, 1908 d
Rickel, Mahlon January 20, 1849 d
Rickel, Mahlon G. July 22, 1888 d
Rickel, Marshall Eugene October 14, 1913 d
Rickel, Mary
Rickel, Mary May 04, 1824
Rickel, Mary Etta January 29, 1882
Rickel, Mathias, Jr. May 30, 1828
Rickel, Mattias December 08, 1786 d
Rickel, Michael M. August 10, 1817
Rickel, Mildred W February 20, 1913 d
Rickel, Miner Reason July 18, 1907 d
Rickel, Murray Castle January 11, 1909 d
Rickel, Nancy Lee August 16, 1946 d
Rickel, Olive A September 21, 1865 d
Rickel, Ollie M October 18, 1885 d
Rickel, Patsy Lynn b
Rickel, Pauline
Rickel, Pauline Elizabeth June 20, 1911
Rickel, Philip
Rickel, Reason April 22, 1843 d
Rickel, Richard Mahlon b
Rickel, Robert Allen b
Rickel, Ruth
Rickel, Sadie Katherine January 03, 1876 d
Rickel, Samuel March 14, 1810 d
Rickel, Samuel Nelson November 26, 1871 d
Rickel, Samuel Valentine August 23, 1863
Rickel, Sarah 1850
Rickel, Sarah (Sadie) A January 23, 1883 d
Rickel, Sarah Ann
Rickel, Sarah Annabelle April 15, 1922 d
Rickel, Sarah Elizabeth w/o Henry October 27, 1845 d
Rickel, Sophia
Rickel, Stella M Abt. 1878
Rickel, Tony Devon b
Rickel, William April 19, 1836 d
Rickel, William Bert March 02, 1884 d
Rickel, William Gordon May 28, 1889 d
Rickel, William J 1860
Rickel, Willodean Marie February 02, 1920 d
Rickel, Winchester
Rictor, Hannah
Riddle, Andrew Jackson December 29, 1867 d
Riddle, Betty
Riddle, Charles F
Riddle, Danny
Riddle, Earl. M., Rev d
Riddle, Ernest
Riddle, Ernest, Jr.
Riddle, George
Riddle, Howard
Riddle, Jeanetta
Riddle, Johnny Ray November 25, 1959 d
Riddle, Joyce
Riddle, Mabel I. March 24, 1907 d
Riddle, Mary Esther March 31, 1894 d
Riddle, Raymond
Riddle, Rick
Riddle, Sue
Riddle, Tony
Riddle, Wanda
Ridener, Lester Eugene
Ridener, Linda Diane b
Ridenour, Ella
Ridenour, Mary
Ridenour, Mary Jane
Ridenour, Randy
Rider, Bryan J.
Rider, Cecil
Rider, Dale I February 25, 1910 d
Rider, Dalene
Rider, Dean
Rider, Devon L. June 16, 1935 d
Rider, Donna
Rider, George
Rider, George F
Rider, Glea
Rider, Glea January 14, 1908 d
Rider, Grant A.
Rider, Lena
Rider, Luella P
Rider, Lura
Rider, Mary Jane
Rider, Mildred
Rider, Paul
Rider, Sandra w/o Devon
Rider, Sheri A.
Rider, Velva
Rider, Virginia
Rider, William d
Ridgeway, Grace
Ridgeway, Henry
Ridgeway, Marvin
Ridgeway, Pearl
Ridgon, Jay
Ridinger, Clarence
Ridinger, Edna
Ridinger, Frances Belle March 09, 1893
Ridinger, George
Ridinger, Julia
Ridinger, Lucy
Ridinger, Mary
Ridinger, Walter
Ridinger, Willis
Riedel, Richard
Riemersma, Berdetta
Riemersma, Carol
Riemersma, Cornie
Riemersma, Delores
Riemersma, Donald
Riemersma, Donna
Riemersma, Mabel w/o Cornie
Riemersma, Mary
Riemersma, Robert
Riemersma, Roscoe A. May 31, 1933 d
Riemersma, Sally
Riemke, Rie
Rietel, Lucille
Riewoldt, Chad
Riewoldt, James M, Jr June 25, 1991 d
Riewoldt, James Mathew, Sr b
Riewoldt, Jon
Riewoldt, Melissa
Riewoldt, Robert
Riewoldt, Robert H.
Riewoldt, Robert Richard
Rife, Angela Lynn b
Rife, Betty
Rife, Betty J. June 17, 1927 d
Rife, Chauncey
Rife, Daniel Edward b
Rife, Edwin
Rife, Ernest
Rife, G. Steve July 26, 1949 d
Rife, George
Rife, Heather
Rife, Joseph d
Rife, Kelley b
Rife, Kelley A.
Rife, Lawrence
Rife, Lillian d
Rife, Otie B. April 29, 1905 d
Rife, Rex
Rife, Rose Marie
Rife, Roy
Rife, Stephanie
Riffe, Stephen
Riffle, Becky
Riffle, Daniel J., Jr.
Riffle, Daniel J., Sr. March 28, 1943 d
Riffle, Ezra E
Riffle, Pam
Riffle, Patty
Riffle, Shirley Ann
Rigdon, Carla A January 14, 1889 d
Rigdon, Charles A
Rigdon, Dale Allison, 111
Rigdon, Dale Allison, Dr. d
Rigdon, Dale Allison, Jr. October 05, 1920 d
Rigdon, Dona Allison December 16, 1918 d
Rigdon, Mary Suzanne May 07, 1928 d
Rigdon, Renee
Riggenbach, Sam
Riggenbach, Silas
Riggenberg, Edith
Riggenberg, Eugene
Riggenberg, John
Riggenberg, Karen
Riggenberg, Kerry E. May 23, 1946 d
Riggenberg, Pamela
Riggenberg, Stephanie
Riggenberg, William
Riggens, Clyde
Riggens, Darrell
Riggens, Dorothy
Riggens, Ellen
Riggens, Glenn
Riggens, Ira
Riggens, Merle
Riggens, Minnie Pearl
Riggens, Thelma
Riggins, Minnie
Riggins, Myrtle
Riggle, Lucille
Riggle, Mamie
Riggle, Sam
Riggleman, Susan R.
Riggs, Alpha
Riggs, Anna
Riggs, Axsa April 28, 1778 d
Riggs, Esther January 28, 1911 d
Riggs, Frederick April 15, 1869 d
Riggs, Isobel w/o John
Riggs, John
Riggs, John, Jr
Riggs, Josephine
Riggs, Oliver
Riggs, Sue
Riley, Adeline
Riley, Bill
Riley, Blanche September 13, 1890 d
Riley, Dora Jane
Riley, Duan Rene
Riley, Ellis
Riley, James
Riley, James Whitcomb July 03, 1911 d
Riley, Jan
Riley, Josephine
Riley, Lloyd H. January 01, 1883 d
Riley, Margaret 1795 d
Riley, Mary
Riley, Mary Ann
Riley, Max Eugene March 06, 1918 d
Riley, Michael C.
Riley, Minnie
Riley, Murrell P.
Riley, Murrell, Jr
Riley, Nancy Elvinia
Riley, Opal
Riley, Roberta
Riley, Susan
Riley, Theodore
Riley, Tom
Riley, Virginia Wilma April 09, 1915
Riley, William
Riley, William
Rimel, Jennie
Rinehart, Iola Edna d
Rinehart, Irene
Riner, Brian
Riner, Collina
Riner, Curtis Jack September 22, 1903 d
Riner, Debra
Riner, Elizabeth March 26, 1883
Riner, Eugene January 19, 1874 d
Riner, Fila
Riner, Goldie Gladdis d
Riner, Harriett
Riner, Harvey
Riner, Henry Clark October 13, 1833 d
Riner, Hugh
Riner, Jack
Riner, Janell
Riner, Jeff
Riner, Julie Ann
Riner, Kenneth
Riner, Kent R. October 19, 1935 d
Riner, Larry Kay
Riner, Nancy w/o Henry
Riner, Pam
Riner, Randel A.
Riner, Raymond E. February 19, 1881 d
Riner, Sarah
Riner, Susan
Riner, Theodosia Jeanette March 22, 1906 d
Rines, Henry
Ring, Amos d
Ring, Archie A. November 19, 1892 d
Ring, Arley Oder November 17, 1884 d
Ring, Barbara Jean b
Ring, Bonnie
Ring, Bruce
Ring, Cleo d
Ring, Clifford Dale
Ring, Diane Louise b
Ring, Donald
RIng, Donald Jack
Ring, Donald L.
Ring, Donna
Ring, Dorothy M November 22, 1917 d
Ring, Ella Elizabeth March 03, 1872 d
Ring, Ellen Ida
Ring, Estella May
RIng, Evelyn
Ring, Ezro
Ring, Gladys Evelyn
Ring, Glenna Grace b
Ring, Guilford E.
Ring, Homer A. January 03, 1905 d
Ring, Jack
Ring, Janet
Ring, Joshua
Ring, Lewis Eugene June 01, 1925 d
Ring, Margaret
Ring, Martha Pauline February 06, 1914 d
RIng, Mary January 13, 1920 d
Ring, Maynard L.
Ring, Percy
Ring, Rebecca
Ring, Renita Jo
RIng, Richard
Ring, Richard T.
Ring, Robert
Ring, Roger Wilbur January 17, 1922 d
Ring, Rosemary
Ring, Russell E. July 24, 1889 d
Ring, Scott
Ring, Scott, Jr
Ring, Sereta
Ring, William
Ring, Wilma
Ringenberg, Daniel
Ringenberg, Edgar
Ringenberg, Iris Jean December 07, 1914 d
Ringenberg, Jean
Ringenberg, Margaret
Ringenberg, Ronald S. August 16, 1919 d
Ringenberg, Ruth d
Ringenberg, Trina
Ringer, D. Mike December 13, 1939 d
Ringer, Florence
Ringer, Gretta d
Ringer, Irene
Ringer, Jake M
Ringer, Kim Ann
Ringer, Lura M. d
Ringer, Paul d
Ringer, Paul Edward August 07, 1907 d
Ringer, Paul Harry
Ringer, Rose Ellen
Ringer, Shirley
Ringer, Stephen
Ringgenberg, Caroline
Ringgenberg, Clara
Ringgenberg, Daniel
Ringgenberg, Edward S
Ringgenberg, Ella
Ringgenberg, Emma E October 07, 1863
Ringgenberg, John
Ringgenberg, John H
Ringgenberg, Lucetta
Ringgenberg, Lydia
Ringgenberg, Peter
Ringgenberg, Phyllis
Ringgenberg, Roy
Ringgenberg, Sarah
Ringgenberg, Susan Elvina February 22, 1876 d
Ringgenburg, John
Ringgenburg, Opal B
Ringger, Brabara May 22, 1798 d
Ringle, Golda
Ringle, Phyllis d
Ringle, Sandra
Ringle, T. F. 1851 d
Ringler, Bernice
Ringler, Dianne
Ringler, Donald
Ringler, Douglas
Ringler, Forest July 01, 1901 d
Ringler, Frank
Ringler, Franklin Junior January 02, 1924 d
Ringler, Joan
Ringler, Marilyn b
Ringler, Noble
Ringler, Norma
Ringler, Pauline
Ringler, Ruth
Ringler, Sarah
Ringler, Wanda
Rink, Kenneth
Rinkenberg, David J.
Ripley, Lewis
Ripple, Christiana Abt. 1834 d
Rish, George
Rish, Richard
Rish, Stacy
Risley, Ray C.
Risley, Robert R. June 15, 1923 d
Risner, Carl
Risner, Della
Risner, Donald
Risner, Donia
Risner, Eva
Risner, Faith Jessie
Risner, Jane
Risner, Joe
Risner, John Perry
Risner, Luke Carl
Risner, Matthew Russell
Risner, Max
Risner, Michael
Risner, Milford L. May 28, 1923 d
Risner, Patricia Kay b
Risner, Pearl April 18, 1901 d
Risner, Vicky
Risner, Virgil October 22, 1925 d
Risner, Virgil Mark June 01, 1958 d
Ristine, Florinda
Ritchardson, Fred
Ritchey, Dorothy
Ritchie, George
Ritchie, Mary December 09, 1860 d
Ritchie, Mildred
Ritchie, Sarah
Ritchison, Loyd
Ritchison, Mathew W b
Ritchison, Susan
Ritchison, Wilson b
Ritenhour, Dennis Michael b
Ritenour, Russell
Ritenour, Ryan
Ritenour, Yvonne
Rittenberry, Arminta
Rittenhouse, Hannah M.
Rittenhouse, Sherman
Ritter, Amy
Ritter, Dallas
Ritter, Don d
Ritter, Edgar
Ritter, James Lee b
Ritter, Louis
Ritter, Patricia
Ritter, Pauline
Ritter, Sarah
Rittner, Alfred
Ritz, Susannah
Ritzuis, Melissa
Rizer, Carrie
Rizer, Connie
Rizer, Paul D. d
Rizer, Steven
Roach, Jim
Roahrig, Frances
Roahrig, Guy M. October 13, 1912 d
Roahrig, Martha
Roahrig, Martlee
Roahrig, Marvin
Roahrig, Mary
Roahrig, Morris
Roahrig, Thelma
Roahrig, Urben
Roath, Amy
Roath, Amy R.
Roath, Esther Faunn June 02, 1899 d
Roath, Ida
Roath, Ira d
Roath, Jessie May 30, 1885 d
Roath, John
Roath, Rachel Solestia March 12, 1850 d
Roath, Ruby
Robards, Marjorie K. July 26, 1897 d
Robards, William T.
Robb, Allan
Robb, Loyd
Robb, Phillip

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